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What is going on in India ?

India seems to have had UFO sightings for all of their recorded history. Ancient Indian Sanskrit tells of UFO visits in 4000 B.C. so I guess nobody should be surprised if they are still having them. They seem to be having a rash of them lately. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that they now have nukes. After all the US had a rash of sightings back around the time that we first started testing the atom bomb. Maybe the ET’s wait until somewhere is either smart enough or dumb enough (depending on their opinion) to create nukes before actually contacting them.

Looking through my blog I noticed in the span of a month most of the UFO story links come from one source which is India daily. I decide to count these, there are 16 which is about one every other day. Then I look to see what they are about, 9 of them are stories about UFO propulsion, there are 3 on communications and 4 on other topics such as underground bases and miscellaneous other UFO technologies. Some of these articles have a title which starts “Reverse engineering extraterrestrial UFO technologies.” Is it just me or does that make it sound like they have a UFO that they are reverse engineering? There are many paragraphs that give you that impression, with statements such as “Scientists and engineers have found evidence that extraterrestrial communication systems stretches multi-dimensions.”

Normally somewhere at the end of these stories is a paragraph that says something like “these are just theories and cannot actually be proven.” Also, somewhere it will say “these theories are based on models.” So what are the “models” based on? They don’t really say. So here they are telling me that they have scientists and engineers very busy working to figure out the propulsion and communication systems of something that may or may not exist. They also say things such as “early conceptual understanding in many countries that lie under the clouds of classified information . . . ” Which says to me “don’t blame us for not figuring it out yet because other countries have been trying for much longer.”

I searched the internet trying to find any record of a reported UFO crash in India to see if there was any reason to believe they might be reverse engineering wreckage, the only article I found was one in India Daily dated January 31, 2005 saying there were rumors of a wreak in Nepal near the border with China. India Today speculated that this crash was caused by the 9.0 earthquake in Sumatra which led to the tsunami. They also said nobody could get to the wreckage because Nepal was too frozen that time of year.

Then I found a article from January 6, 2005 entitled “India may be the first country to explain to the world about ET and UFO contacts - the secret debate is on.” This article tells of contact between the Indian government and ET’s at a underground UFO base in the Himalayas. It goes on to say that the Indian security forces are helping to protect these bases and that military officials and politicians have confessed that India has been contacted by ET’s. It goes on to say that the 5 Security Council members China, US, Russia, France and the UK have warned India about making this news public.

Wouldn’t it be a clever way to leak out information that countries such as the US would not want people to have by putting it in an editorial and saying it is just a theory? I am not saying this is what is happening, it could just be that there is a darling little Indian reporter sitting at his or her desk coming up with theories every other day and on other days they do the farm report or something. It probably would sell papers so there would be motivation to do such a thing. Still, it does make me wonder.