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Grey Matter


The MODern Explanation

The big UFO news last week was the release of a “top secret” MOD report on UFO phenomenon. This report has been kept secret and marked “Secret: UK Eyes Only” for 6 years. Or at least they are saying this is the report that has been kept secret for 6 years, but why bother is the question. A broad brush is used to paint all UFO phenomenon that can’t be explained by Venus, flocks of birds, or any of the other regular excuses they use, as plasma fields.

Going by what Nick Pope has said, the MOD doesn’t really investigate UFOs. They are sent out, but are expected to just come up with an answer without truly investigating. So it is obvious to me that a bunch of them got together in a office, not out actually investigating things and they brain stormed to come up with an excuse to cover things that could not be explained by Venus and their other excuses.

According to the report, “the close proximity of plasma related fields can adversely affect a vehicle or person. Local fields of this type have been medically proven to cause responses in the temporal lobes of the human brain. These result in the observer sustaining (and later describing and retaining) his or her own vivid, but mainly incorrect, description of what is experienced.”

In other words, people who see UFOs didn’t really see what they thought they saw and cannot be relied upon to give accurate information. So anything a witness might tell MOD is probably incorrect which makes them able to use their “plasma theory” anytime an experience doesn’t fit with other excuses.

What they don’t explain is how this plasma effects photos and video because there are some rather clear films of UFOs. Is that big black Belgium triangle with the lights really made of plasma? I find that really hard to believe. What about the photos found HERE or thousands of other photos and videos that clearly show solid objects? Maybe when the full report is released we will get some explanation for these, but I kind of doubt it.

The Roswell weather balloon theory was upgraded to a top secret Mogul balloon and now the old swamp gas theory has been upgraded to include places that don’t have swamp gas by changing it to plasma fields.

What really irritates me about this “report” is how stupid they seem to think that people are. It happened with the last Roswell report and here it is again, as assumption that people will just blindly believe whatever stupid explanation a government agency comes up with. They even throw in that bit about how people didn’t really see what they thought they saw so they can dismiss anyone who sees what may be a UFO. What is worse is that people who haven’t seen a UFO and don’t check out all the photos and videos available will probably believe this report. However, given the widespread belief in UFOs, just check any news poll, it is doubtful that this report will have any real effect on the belief or study of the topic.

I am not saying that some or even many UFOs could not be this “plasma field,” but to paint any subject with such a broad brush is either 1) pure laziness 2) trying to cover something up. In this case it may be a bit of both. Government workers are known for their laziness and since according to Nick Pope, this branch of the MOD isn’t given any real information about UFOs from the government, they may just be trying to make their lives easier by having a ready explanation for things they can’t really explain. Covering up the fact that they really have no clue what some of these UFOs really are.

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