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Grey Matter


Do Aliens Like Shiny Things Too?

There have been several very interesting episodes of UFO Hunters recently that were related to UFOs and a possible connection to gold and/or silver.

The first one dealt with the sightings of large triangles in Sonora, California and it was noted that there were gold mines in the area. In fact, Pat and Kevin investigated an old mine during this show, but found nothing to confirm any ET interest in it. Then, there was the ancient artifacts show and Bill Birnes noted that these ancient cultures that seemed to have dealings with ancient astronauts were inhabiting areas known for precious metals.

However, it was last week's episode that really got me thinking. The team investigated an artifact that Bob White picked up after he saw it fall off a UFO. Really, I suggest that anyone wanting to know more about this artifact should watch the show which can be found numerous places on the internet and is truly interesting. The thing about the artifact that struck me was that it contained a large amount of silver.

Well, it didn't actually strike me at the time, but the day after when I was outside. As always, since my sighting of that very strange object that was hovering low over my canyon last summer, I looked in that direction. Once again, dismayed that I hadn't been able to get to my camera in time and wondering where something could disappear to in the few seconds it took to get to my camera. It was then that I snapped that whatever that object was, it happened to be hovering right above an old silver mine. (BTW, you can find the story of that sighting and my poorly done drawing here)

The old silver mine is not very far from my house, close enough to walk to within 20 minutes or less. I doubt that most people in this canyon, except for the old timers, even know it exists. That is probably a good thing since it isn't sealed. I have no idea how much silver was ever mined there, but my understanding is that it became too hard to get to and wasn't worth the expense and so it was shut down.

Silver in general is not hard to find in this canyon if you look for it. I have picked up several rocks while out on short walks that have thin veins of silver running through them. I have also picked up rocks with small amounts of gold. Oh yeah, and lots of fools gold. :-)

The ground here is virtually covered with quartz, which, if I know my gold hunting rules, is a sign of gold. So there is probably a lot of gold in this canyon, along with silver.

Anyhow, it occurred to me that maybe that is why I see so many odd objects in the sky here. Maybe Bill is right and maybe they are collecting precious metals. Unlike the theory of ancient cultures being gold mining slaves -- I think, making a lot of assumptions to get to this point, that they would be capable of removing these metals without the aid of human slaves. Yes, assuming these beings exist and are as technically advanced as we are led to believe, they should be able to just beam it up. Why not? They apparently can beam up humans for medical exams whenever they wish.

I then decided to do a search to see if there were more mines in this area.

First I found this interesting bit --

Tijeras Canyon - There are several treasure historians who believe that the huge Gran Quivera hoard, 1,600 burro loads of gold and silver, is located in the southern Manzano Mountains and possibly in the Hell's Canyon of the Four Hills area, both near Tijeras Canyon on Hwy I-40.

It has nothing to do with mining, but I have actually been treasure hunting for this horde with a friend. We looked nearer Gran Quivera and it never occurred to me that it could (according to that) be inside Manzano base or maybe even in my yard. I will be sure to let you know if I ever find it.

Aside from that, there did seem to be various mines in the area, but none of them ever yielded much and they were closed.

However, there was something else of interest in a book I have and it was connected with Manzano base too -

Coyote Canyon:

During the 1870's, considerable enthusiasm was generated when traces of gold, silver and copper were discovered here and in nearby Hell Canyon, and a hotel was even proposed for Coyote Canyon. The find ultimately proved disappointing.

Now within Kirtland Air Force Base, Coyote Canyon is the site of military and US Department of Energy testing and training facilities

-- From The Place Names of New Mexico, by Robert Julyan.

A tiny synchronicity -- Bob Julyan is my neighbor, only living two houses up the canyon from me. I had thought about asking him more about mining in the area, but I don't want to bother him, likely he is busy writing another book.

I suppose there is nothing strange about the government buying up land thought to contain gold. Seems like a logical thing for the government to do. Did make me wonder though, did Manzano underground base maybe start out as a mine? We will probably never know the answer to that.

Now some will remember that there is a well known incident of a UFO landing in Coyote Canyon. There is an actual military report of it here. I would imagine that incident had more to do with the nukes stored there and little if anything to do with gold and silver. Of course, Coyote Canyon and Manzano Base is also where Paul Bennewitz claimed to always see UFOs.

I also wondered where the hell Hell Canyon was because I had never heard of it. From what I could find out, it seems to be what is now known as Four Hills which, in another small synchronicity, is where Paul Bennewitz lived.

So I know there is only a thin thread linking precious metals and UFO sightings in this area together, but I still found the information interesting and maybe in the future I will find more of a link. I will keep looking.

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