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Grey Matter


The Peter Jenning’s UFO special - what was so special about it? Nothing. I know much has already been said about this show, but I would like to add my two cents. Although I had been duped in the past by shows claiming they are going to tell the truth about UFO’s I did for some reason have hope for this show. The first 30 minutes of it were not entirely bad and then it went downhill really fast. Honestly, I have seen much better specials on SciFi channel and even A&E and History channels. If fact, I would say Scifi channel did the best special on Roswell that I have seen. They were suppose to be doing one on Bentwaters too and I look forward to seeing it and hope I haven’t somehow missed it.

Back to ABC - not only did they take everyone’s favorite Roswell Gnome, Stanton Friedman and do their best to make him look like a crazy conspiracy monger, there were some blatant omissions in their explanations of Roswell. Mostly they went right along with the Government story that it was project Mogul and the case was closed so far as they are concerned. I don’t think they did any actual research on Roswell. I could go on and on about their omissions and mistakes, but I will leave that to the true experts such as Stanton. Stanton by the way is a nuclear physicist and just some dumb hick who hangs out at Roswell like they made him sound.

Maybe it is because I am a New Mexican, but the Roswell case is nowhere near closed to me. Just a couple weeks ago I received a email about a man who had been writing Government agencies for information on Roswell, he had received a letter from Congressman Delahunt’s office telling him that they couldn’t tell him anything about what was found at Roswell because it is still being analyzed. Does it take over 50 years to analyzed material from a US government project? You would think they would know what they used to build that if their Mogul story was true.

More so than being angry at ABC or Peter Jennings I am angry at myself. Why would I have even a sliver of hope that they were actually going to do a serious prime time special on network TV about UFO’s? I should have known better. When will I learn? I feel so gullible and used.

Still there is a bright spot, people who should have been even more savvy to such things actually participated in the show. Art, Stanton and the others must feel really dirty and used. Will they ever be able to wash off the horrible stench of ABC? Will they ever trust a person with a TV camera again? My friends do not fear they indeed will. They will continue to go through life with that little bit of hope in their hearts, if they didn’t they would have to crawl into a hole and die. They will continue on because they know there are people who believe in what they are trying to do. None of us that believe are actually entirely sure of what they are trying to do, but we do know that it is possible that some day it will be done. So will I be watching the next time there is a prime time special that is going to blow the lid off of the Government’s secrecy of UFO’s? Yes, and probably after wards I will feel gullible and used again, but I too have to try to keep hope alive.