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Susan Boyle is killing Ufology!

I have watched over the past week or two as people became totally insane over Susan Boyle. I felt kind of left out because I just didn't get what the big deal was. As I watched what seemed like way too much coverage of it on TV "news," it seemed to me that people were amazed that an unattractive woman could sing. Kind of like back in the days when white people were amazed that black people could learn to read and speak intelligently. Honestly, aside from some sort of weird prejudice they may have about unattractive people, I can't figure out what the big deal is. So she can sing, so can lots of people and not all of them are attractive -- singing ability and attractiveness have nothing to do with each other.

It is very much like when I hear people get all excited about "the miracle of birth." Gag me! There is no miracle involved in birth. We know how it happens and countless females of many species have done it for millions of years. I am not saying it isn't interesting, I was there for my niece Mina's birth and have watched lots of kittens being born, it is special, but not miraculous.

When I see things like Susan Boyle capture so much attention -- I can only agree with the government (assuming they know a lot about ufos) that we are not ready for disclosure.

We watch it all the time -- the weird crap that captures the nation and/or the western world's attention. Anna Nicole Smith, OJ, Brad/Jen/Angelina and so on. Meanwhile, there is truly amazing stuff going on and most people don't seem to even care.

Don't get me wrong, aside from the Susan Boyle thing, I also find myself interested in the celeb gossip because I am gossipy. The difference is that it is celeb gossip to me and for fun, it is not the news and it is not amazing -- not even when Britney flipped out and shaved her head. I expect to get my celeb gossip from the same place I have always got it, The National Enquirer, not the nightly news or 24 hour news channels. Even on those, I don't mind a short mention of the gossip, but I don't want it to be treated like news because it isn't. Celebrity gossip is treated like being REAL news, far more so than things that are really amazing and could really change the world as we know it -- like ufos.

Seriously, Britney's head shaving incident is treated like a national tragedy that should concern us all. Dozens of people seeing a strange object in the sky over Stephenville (or anywhere else) is comic relief.

I wonder to myself what causes that -- is it the media trying to dictate to people how to perceive ufos and other fortean phenomena or is it the people affecting how the media treats these subjects? I suppose it could likely be a organized disinformation program using both of those groups to affect each other.

Almost every day, I meet people who believe in UFOs or ghosts or some other "strange" things. Mostly these are the truly intelligent, thinking people. However, I know that the people I meet do not represent all of society because I read many blog posts and news items each day. A lot of those items are written by people who have preconceived notions about things that they are not willing to part with on any level. Some might believe in aliens and ufos, but as demons only. Others are so eager to debunk such things that you can only imagine that their entire world would fall to bits if UFOs (from elsewhere) or something like that was ever absolutely proven to be real.

Mostly though, there are the people that don't believe in UFOs and other truly amazing things because they haven't experienced or seen anything like that. That is where Susan Boyle comes in because if they weren't so damn busy obsessing about her or whatever else, they may have time to spend looking for such things.

My opinion is that if people would take a very small percentage of the time they spend watching TV or staring at their computer screen and instead look at the sky -- there would be no question in the minds of most people that UFOs (meaning just that -- unidentified flying objects) exist because most people would eventually see one.

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