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Grey Matter


Lights in the Sky

Last week, I watched as everyone seemed to get all excited about a few lights in the Phoenix sky. Oh sure, I linked to the stories at The Debris Field because that is what everyone was talking about, but I don't understand what the big deal was.

I absolutely hate "lights in the sky" stories. Unless there is an actual photo of an actual craft I am not impressed. Maybe I am just jaded, but I just don't see the point of being excited. A light in the sky, no matter how unusual it may be, will never be proven to be anything other than a light in the sky.

I felt the same way about the Stephenville "symbols" video that everyone was all excited about. It looked like a pretty poorly done laser show to me and I saw nothing in it that was anything that humans are not capable of, especially not the government/military.

The thing about a lot of these videos is that you can't even tell if the light is in the sky, it could just as easily be someone hoaxing film by moving a light around on a black background.

That said, I am not saying that some lights in the sky are not UFOs. I am just saying that there are other things they could be and they are easily debunked. Really the term "UFO" doesn't even apply to them because that would mean there was an object, not just lights.

I fail to understand this excitement over lights in the sky. Sure I have seen what seemed to me to be strange lights in the sky, but I never even bothered to photograph or film them because I know they would just be another "lights in the sky" video. Besides which, the cameras that most of us use really aren't at all good for such filming. Something that may be spectacular in person will look almost silly on video. There are a few exceptions to this, but for the most part it is true.

It's also possible that certain agencies may use lasers and lights in the sky to distract us from real things. The first Phoenix UFO in 1997 was a huge craft, not just lights in the sky. It was later that night that people filmed "the lights" and after that, many people seemed to forget there had been an actual craft, not just lights. They forgot so much that the incident became known as The Phoenix Lights.

After the huge craft was reported in Stephenville, we once again got a video of lights. More complex than the Phoenix lights, but still very earthly seeming to me. Eventually many people will forget that there was anything to the Stephenville story, other than the pretty light show.

It almost seems like a pattern for multiple witness, widely reported incidents to be followed by lights.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if that were not the thing that is always caught on video and played over and over, totally diminishing the huge silent craft that came before it.

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