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Grey Matter


Sex, Age and Death

I stole that title from a Bob Geldof album, but it seemed to fit. Although this article isnít about ufos, ghosts, crop circles, shadow people or any of the normal paranormal topics, it is paranormal in itís own way and besides that it is about the latest, biggest c2c news.

I am use to Art Bell doing strange things since I have been listening to him forever, but I have to admit he shocked even me with his marriage announcement. Yes, I thought it was strange and even a bit creepy, but I didnít really think a lot about it until I noticed all the hateful posts on Streamlink. I realized that many people now hate Art for this. I have to say I was more shocked by that than by his announcement.

Strangely enough I had heard most of these comments before. Yes, back in the 1990ís certain people were saying virtually the same things about Ramona Bell, because she was younger than Art and pretty. They made comments about her being a gold digger and only marrying Art because he was an American, even though Ramona herself was an American, born in California if I remember right. Back then the message board was not part of the c2c site and Art would drop by often and chat. He dropped by and found this one post about Ramona, written by some male member of the board, basically calling Ramona a whore and Art offered to fly to wherever he was to kick his ass and I assure you that Art was dead serious. The guy for some reason refused to give Art his location. It was soon after that when Art stopped dropping by and then soon the official message board was part of ArtBell.com and you had to register to post.

So Art has had doubt and ill wishes cast upon his marriage before and survived it and I imagine he will again. Really I give Art a lot of credit because knowing he went through this in the past I am sure he knew exactly what to expect when he remarried an even younger woman and he apparently didnít care what anyone thought. I think more people should be that way. I think probably there are a lot of people who are unhappy and lonely because of fear of what others will think.

I donít understand why age is such a big deal for most people. I know people who are 40 years older than myself and that does not mean that I have nothing in common with them, or that I donĎt enjoy their company. We may not enjoy the same type of music, but other than that they seem to think of the world in the same way people my own age do. We are all human and have much the same hopes and worries about the world, no matter our age. I would certainly hope if I live to be 63, like Art, that people treat me and think of me in the same way they do now. I will hopefully be more wise by that time, but I have a feeling I will still enjoy talking over many of the same subjects I do now.

Should we really put so much empathize on our age or are we a soul which is timeless? Really in the scheme of the universe, is 63 years that much different from 21 years? Donít we really show our primitiveness when we focus on a mere 40 years in a universe that is ancient?

Now that I think more about it, age difference donít seem to be a big deal most of the time. I havenít ever seen anyone on Streamlink say they are boycotting Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones films, or even mention that it was at all a concern to them. Almost everyone in Hollywood that is married has a age difference, Demi and Aston, Tom and Katie, Madonna and Guy Richie, Kevin Costner and whoever his new wife is, even Brad and Angelina have over a 10 year difference in age.

Remember that it wasnít that long ago that most marriages were arranged. Girls as young as 14 were being married off to much older men in many cases. Nobody thought this odd since the most important duty of a wife was to have children. I would imagine in most case the husband and wife learned to love and depend on one another. I have a close friend who always says that any man and woman deserted on a island would end up loving one another even if they found each other physically repulsive.

I also think in Artís case there were a couple of reasons he wanted to marry a younger woman. First, I think after losing Ramona he wanted a woman young enough that her dying on him would be highly unlikely. Second, there seems to be a estrangement between Art and Art Jr. I am only guessing at that, but I have not heard Art mention his son since the verdict of the molestation trial. I would have expected at the very least to hear some sort of update on his activities over the years, but there has been no mention whatsoever. So it is highly possible that Art wants to leave not only a rich widow, but maybe a few more children as well. Then again, I may be remembering that Art is ďfixedĒ and canít have more children, but I could have mixed that up with someone else.

Really the only problem I have with Artís decision is the cat situation. I canít imagine just giving away my pets, even to a good home and therefore I cannot understand anyone else doing it. I think Art will end up regretting that after the first stages of love pass.

For me, one of the reasons I have always enjoyed Art is because you never could be totally sure what he would say or do. I think he has topped himself this time though and I will guess we will never again hear an announcement quite that shocking. Still, I look forward to whatever shocks the future might hold and I hope that eventually Noory will flip out and start shocking people too.

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