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Grey Matter


The hot summer ahead. Ok, maybe only tepid.

I sit here with my cable internet not working, so bored as I am, I started thinking about c2c and the hosts and wondering what their summer will bring ...

Art Bell’s summer is pretty easy to figure out. Asia Rain Bell should be born sometime very soon. I am going to guess she will arrive within 3 weeks, even though I don’t think Airyn is due until June. That is a prediction so in all likelihood it will be wrong. Art will probably spend his summer changing diapers, talking baby talk and getting very little sleep. Once the baby is born it is likely that the entire first hour will be about what baby Asia has been up to. Also, there will be a new webcam picture of her every week. We may have a weekend host with a very short fuse depending on the amount of sleep he manages to get.

Ian Punnett opted out of having anymore babies, but he does have a new dog. Yes, I can see Ian and family at the lake or maybe just in their backyard, Ian is barbequing and using his free time to play Frisbee with the dogs. He is probably drinking Kool Aid or maybe diet Pepsi, if he is feeling adventurous. It is likely that his wife may be drinking something much stronger as she sits there watching Ian. Whatever Ian does, even if he does almost nothing, he will have a fun summer.

Now for the main man, Mr. George Noory. While I would hope that Noory would spend the summer with a hot, loose woman, I think it will more likely be spent with Tom Danheiser. Noory only rarely mentions his private life, but it seems to only include Tommy. Tommy and he go to dinner, the movies and I think watch videos together when he is in LA. I would guess when he is in St Louis he just hangs out with his daughter and grandkids, since those are the only people I have heard him mention. Tom Danheiser - it is all up to you! Get Noory out to some of those hot LA nightclubs and find yourselves some women!

Can we expect some hot summer shows on Coast to Coast ? I hope so. Some things are a given, like Linda Moulton Howe’s once a month pop in and Richard C. Hoagland popping in whenever NASA says or does anything (or sometimes when Hoagie just thinks that they are thinking about saying or doing something). I hope for more Steven Quayle and Alex Jones pop ins. I would like to hear more Airyn pop ins when Art is hosting too. Ian and Linda Godfrey are always radio magic, but I would really like to hear Ian do a first hour with his wife as the pop in. Oh yes, I would love to hear Mrs. Punnett comment on all the things Ian has said about her during the show.

That being said it is time for c2c to dazzle us with new people popping in, besides Ian‘s wife. I would like to hear from pop ins that aren’t necessarily “experts” or known for talking about whatever subject is being discussed. Have Richard Dolan on and instead of asking him about ufos, ask him about Bigfoot. Get some thoughts on the latest political scandal from R. Gary Patterson. We could call it opinion night and every half hour we could have a different guest that would give an opinion on a predetermined subject that has absolutely nothing to do with what they normally talk about. Maybe I am the only one, but I think it would be fun.

Yes, I am always thinking of ways to spice up c2c. Remember c2c people, I am available for hire and easily accessible by email, when my cable internet is working.

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