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Grey Matter


Morristown, Debunkers and Fraud

Yep, it is the first big hoax of the year. Yawn.

I am yawning, but some people are making a huge big deal about it. Yeah, like such a thing has never happened before. Where have they been?

As I have said in the past, hoaxes aren't really a big deal to me. They happen, more often than anyone would like, but they don't DESTROY Ufology as many debunkers and others would like you to believe.

One of my favorite comments was left on Kevin Randle's blog -

All you ufo buffs have to just suck it up and admit you were fooled this time. There has never been any evidence of aliens visiting us. If you're not aware, science is based on evidence, which means you losers believe in what we call pseudoscience.These guys pulled a fast one on you and you're pissed. I would too......if I believed in fairy tales and someone ruined my parade. I don't these two dudes, but I love what they did, and I can assure you they're smarter than anyone on this site.....including myself.

So far as I could tell, nobody was pissed, we are all used to this kind of crap. Some may have been slightly irritated, but not pissed.

Science is based on evidence, but where was this guy giving the evidence that this was just balloons before newsweek? He was nowhere because he is no more of a scientist than I am a sheep herder. In fact, if I were to guess, due to what he says in his comment, especially the fact that he somehow thinks these guys were smart because they can send up balloons -- likely he works at a truck stop pumping gas. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is a long way from a science lab.

However, worse than that is the fact that as long as what someone else does supports your viewpoint and even if it causes danger for aircraft, actual people and is basically perpetuating a fraud, then it is OK. It is like he is saying that it is OK to be a fraud as long as he agrees with your basic point.

Yep, I am sure that most debunkers think it is peachy that someone did this. Look beyond the lies and fraud. Lies don't matter because they were helping the home team.

So while this hoax and others don't bother me in terms of me feeling that they harm or debunk Ufology (the opposite actually), the people that condone lies and fraud do bother me. If you have to resort to tactics like that in order to prove your point, your point must not be very compelling, not something that can stand on it's own without the lies and fraud. It says to me that there isn't enough scientific evidence to cause people to not believe in UFOs (Unidentified flying objects, not spacemen from another planet) and so you have to resort to lies and fraud.

So I guess these debunkers can be proud of themselves. They have proved that balloons can be mistaken for UFOs. Oh, but wait, we already knew that. So what exactly did they prove? Nothing, as always.

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