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Grey Matter


Seven Steps to Hell

Last week the dear people at eyepod.org sent me a link to a new story they put up. I found it utterly interesting and one of the best UFO stories I have heard in ages.

First let me mention that Eyepod is an awesome site for UFO related material. One of the very best, if not the very best, on the web.

Now onto the story. The story starts in 1966, in Ohio, with two police officers checking out a car that seems to be abandoned by the side of the road. The car was full of radio equipment and had a strange logo painted on the side, a triangle with a bolt of lightening inside it, above it was written “seven steps to hell.”

Suddenly from behind them, in the woods, the two officers hear a eerie humming, they turn to see a huge, bright, saucer shaped craft, it rises out of the woods and hover over them. It then takes off.

The officers leave the car with the strange emblem, never to see it again and take off to give chase to the UFO.

They chase it from Ohio until they run out of gas near Pittsburg, PA.

These two officers were not the only ones to see the object. Chief of Police Buchert also saw the object and even took pictures of it. After taking the photos he made the mistake of calling the FBI, who referred him to Wright Patterson AFB. Apparently he gave his film to someone from Wright Patterson. There was a press release from Wright Pat saying the image was fuzzy and probably just the planet Venus.

It is a UFO story like many we have heard except for the car with all the radio equipment and the strange emblem on the side.

According to the eyepod story which can be found here : (http://www.eyepod.org/RP-Seven-Steps-to-Hell.html), seven steps to hell was used in Germany, by the 7th Army as a badge of honor.

Isn’t it a little strange that a car would be driving around with that logo in plain sight? I mean, if these people were from the Army and they were tracking a UFO, then why draw attention to themselves by having such a symbol on a car full of radio equipment? It just doesn’t make sense. It also doesn’t make sense that the witnesses would make up something like that, especially not back in 1966, when UFO conspiracy and Government cover up were not the big thing on late night radio or the internet.

This leaves very few conclusions for the causal observer. One, the people assigned to tracking this UFO were stupid and thought nobody would see their car or the symbol. Two, the people tracking this UFO in 1966 had little fear that anyone would know what the symbol on the side of the car meant so they just didn’t worry about it. Three, they wanted people to see this symbol and report it.

I am going to pick number three. I think they must have wanted people to see this symbol. It may have even been a clue that they purposely left, just long enough for those police officers to see it. Though it also could have all been a setup of some sort, to make the public believe something that would lead them away from the truth.

Sticking with number three which is that someone wanted the car to be seen, they also wanted the UFO to be seen. We have all heard how quickly UFOs can move and yet these officers were able to follow it for hours, until they ran out of gas, all the way from Ohio to Pittsburg. That must have been one slow moving UFO, so my guess is that it wanted to be seen and it wanted them to follow it.

Now the big question is why? Why would someone or some agency, want this car to be seen and then have the people lead away from the car by the UFO, not just long enough for the car to be moved, but for hours?

The only answer I can come up with for that one is that they weren’t leading it away from the car, but from something else that may have been going on in the woods.

Since I have no idea what it was, I will let my imagination run wild. Maybe it was some occult ritual, involving both the illuminati and aliens. Perhaps a secret meeting with those “high up” and the aliens.

Now, letting my imagination settle down, maybe it was just a game. A game to see what those officers would do and who, if anyone, would believe their story of what happened that night.

OK, so that is the best that I could come up with. Maybe you readers will be able to come up with a better conclusion. Unless it is something not at all clever, like none of it ever happened, please let me know. I would like the answer, or at least possibilities of the answer.

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