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Grey Matter


In the News

I suppose it really came as no shock to anyone that last week Gary McKinnon lost his appeal to not be extradited to the US. If there is anyone reading this who has somehow managed to never have heard of Gary McKinnon, he is a British (actually Scottish) man who hacked into US government computers in search of UFO information. The US government says he caused $700,000 in damage. Yes, the US government is apparently really worried about that amount of money, but yet they don’t bother to figure out what happened to all those millions that disappeared in Iraq. Doesn’t make sense, does it? I would like to know how exactly someone causes monetary damage by merely hacking into a computer system that isn’t even protected by passwords or a firewall.

I am thinking of my computer, which is protected in every way possible. If it weren’t, the worst someone could do is send a virus that would crash my computer. That could cause monetary damage in either repair or purchasing a new computer, but I have never heard any allegations that would lead me to think computers were ruined. So I look forward to hearing exactly what this $700,000 in damage. I personally think it is impossible that he was the only one hacking into these systems. I can guarantee you that if I took down my firewall and had no password, my computer would be hacked in a matter of minutes. I used to have a program that let me see how many times people tried to hack me, or send me virus’ and there were 100’s of attempts a week and I don’t even have anything of value on my computer.

I must mention this article even though it wasn’t big news. It starts like this: U.S. President George Walker Bush said Saturday that he had a ``subtle deja vu dream`` of Russian President Vladimir Putin emerging in front of an UFO.

Can you experience déjà vu in a dream? I know that I have dreamt of things that I knew had happened in real life, but I can’t say that I ever experienced déjà vu in a dream.

I suppose this is a real article, but I have to say that it doesn’t really sound like Bush, especially when he uses terms like jamais vu: "'Yeah fellas, he (Putin) was commander cosmonaut of his UFO ship. He landed in our ranch. When I was approaching to greet him in front of his Soviet-made hatch-door, I suddenly woke up. I am still so sad that I hadn`t chance to see the rest of this miraculous dream', Bush said. 'The weirdest thing in this dream is that this was also a pure deja vu for me. But as my mind is busy with hubble-bubble in world politics, this also seemed to me a jamais vu.'"

Even better than that was Putin’s response : "President Putin told the Russian media that `The only human being that can come out of an UFO would be President Bush and not himself.'"

The big news in Truth Movement land is Rosie O’Donnell. You can find tons of info on that at Prison Planet and probably any other conspiracy related site. There are Rosie polls all over the news sites. There are "Keep Rosie" petitions for those who are afraid she will be fired from The View and there are "Stop Rosie" petitions for those who want her to be fired. Bill O’Reilly, being a little behind the times, had a poll on his website asking whether or not narrating the new edition of “Loose Change” would ruin Charlie Sheen’s career.

All that and Rosie never even said anything like she thought 911 was an inside job. I believe all she said at the time was something like she wanted to know what had went on with building 7.

According to Alex Jones on his show last week, there are more Hollywood people wanting to come forward and question 911. In fact, he said there was a secret Hollywood meeting to discuss 911. For some reason that just cracked me up.

I will leave you with the google earth, black triangle over Baghdad mystery. What is the damn thing? I don’t know, you decide.

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