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Grey Matter


Crazy Talk

If you have ever known anyone who is truly brilliant or truly a genius, chances are that you have also noticed that they are not “normal.”

There are the extreme examples like idiot savants or autistics who are locked inside their own silent world until a piano is put in front of them and then they can play perfectly and write brilliant pieces of music. Those are extremes, but look throughout history and you will find that almost every brilliant artist, musician, ruler, conqueror and scientist did not fit into the molds of normal society. Yet it is still suppose to be an insult to be thought of as not normal or crazy as it is often called.

Lets start with the example of Michelangelo, who many people think was a good Catholic who loved God and the Church. He may have loved God, but he hated most of those involved with the church, in fact, he didn’t like people at all, he was hateful, rude, egomaniacal and often dirty and unkempt. Not at all a likeable person and yet what do the crowds flock to in Rome, even more so than the ruins? Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel. For the most part this is not because they are all religious pilgrims, it is because they want to experience greatness.

Think of Mr. Tesla, who was never thought of as being normal, not even in his own time, and now he is considered a great genius. Even people such as Thomas Edison, who were thought to be fairly normal except for being a genius, if you actually read much about Edison he was obsessive to the extreme and had many other not so normal or crazy traits.

In recent times we have Francis Crick, was on LSD when he deduced the double helix structure of DNA. Most of those who have never used a hallucinogenic consider those who are on such drugs or those that would try such drugs to be crazy.

The late Terence McKenna came up with many brilliant concepts while on DMT and other hallucinogenic substances. Again, you will hear it from those who strive so hard to be normal, Terence was on drugs and he was crazy, anything he says is just a lunatic babbling.

While being able to open your mind without artificial help is probably preferable, there is no reason to discount everything someone says while under the influence of a hallucinogenic or really any other substance. We know about DNA, but we don’t know how many other great discoveries or theories have come from the use of hallucinogenics or any other type of what we consider drugs.

There are occasionally the evil geniuses and normally the root of their thoughts are solid and right, but then something horrible happens and things become twisted and ugly. I think this has to do with ego, but there are probably other factors as well.

History is so full of examples of the crazy people not being at all crazy and instead actually being incredibly perceptive and brilliant, that when I hear someone being referred to as crazy by a lot of people, I take a good hard look at what they are saying. It is almost like a sign that they are onto something. The few times people have called me crazy I have taken it as a great compliment.

I am not saying all those involved in the study or ufos or other fringe sciences are geniuses, but there is certainly no reason they should be ashamed that a few people, or maybe even a lot of people, call them crazy. They should think about the great line of craziness and what it has produced and be proud. Nothing great ever came from being ordinary or thinking about only things that can be easily proven. It is thinking outside the box, or even just speculating about things that don’t seem possible, things that seem crazy, that really changes the world. I have someone very close to me that has made several discoveries and received patents on them. He didn’t do it by following the “laws” of science, he did it by completely breaking them.

All that said, I am under the opinion that nobody is truly ordinary or “normal.” Sadly, I believe that most people just try very hard to conform to what they think is normal and thereby they miss out on their true potential and slow the progress of the human race as a whole. While there are certain normalcy’s that probably benefit the entire human race, such as not killing one another, hiding your true feelings or thoughts for fear of being considered crazy should not be among them.

So in conclusion, if people are referring to you as crazy, not normal, or however they may put it, be proud! You are strong and brave! Remember they are just as crazy as you, but they are not brave and feel the need to pretend to be an ideal of “normal,” which doesn’t exist and never has existed.

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