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Grey Matter


The Season of the UFO

If you live somewhere cold, winterís chill should soon be leaving and will be replaced by glorious Spring. The nights will be warmer and there will be more people out after the sun goes down. I would have to check with someone who actually keeps track of such things, but I bet there are far more UFO sightings in the spring and summer than in the fall and winter.

This assumed fact brings me to my prediction for this spring/summer season. I think we will see a upsurge in UFO reports and maybe even some widely witnessed, caught on film evidence. I feel confident in making this prediction since, judging by c2c, it doesnít matter if it comes true or not.

I have a few reasons for this prediction. One is the same reason Art Bell predicts the quickening, because I can just feel it in my bones. Yes, I feel it in my bones that there is a upcoming major UFO event on the horizon. This may be partly due to my invisible aircraft sighting (hearing?) of a few weeks ago, or it could just be wishful thinking. Either way I still feel it in my bones. Bones could possibly lie, but we will discuss that some other time.

Another reason is war. With everything going on in Iraq, Iran and elsewhere it is going to be a big summer for the military to be testing those super secret, alien hybrid machines they have. These will be mistaken as extraterrestrial crafts and for good reason. Also, it seems that war, rumors of war, bombs exploding and testing of war technology attract the real thing, so we should get plenty of those too.

Between the military and the aliens there should be plenty to keep ufologists busy this year. Maybe we will even get some really good daytime sightings. Huge spacecrafts floating silently over cities in broad daylight. I can dream. Hopefully there will be so much real stuff going on that Noory will completely forget his Serpo obsession, though I somehow doubt it. Still, a big spring/summer UFO flap will make for excellent c2c programming so even if Noory continues with his obsession it should be minimized.

So that is it, my spring/summer prediction. Will it come true or is it just wishful thinking? If it does come true I will be doing better than Dames or Morton and if it doesnít come true I will be doing no worse.

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