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Grey Matter


The New Guy

I had known for a while that Ted Acworth would not be returning to UFO Hunters this season. I was disappointed about that for a couple reasons. First, Ted had a really great MIT resume and yet he was never a debunker. He was always open to the possibilities and never stuck in a certain unshakable view of what UFOs are. To him they seemed to be just that -- unidentified flying objects. Second, Ted was kinda cute. Not that that has anything to do with UFOs.

So here comes the new guy, Kevin Cook. He is a mechanical engineer and other than that I don't know much about him. Well, other than he is a skeptic and judging from the first episode of the season he is leaning towards debunker. Skeptics are suppose to be open minded, but Kevin doesn't seem to be that way. He seems very sure that if there is something flying around in the sky that is actually not a plane or some known object -- it could only be a secret military craft.

As Regan Lee has pointed out, he also seems quite sure that every time someone uses the term UFO, it means alien spacecraft and not unidentified flying object.

The above mentioned things in comparison to Bill and Pat's views add drama and discordia to the show and make me predict that it will be the most watched season so far. A lot of people love that type of stuff. It will admit it likely might make the show more entertaining. I found myself laughing my ass off at many things that Kevin said during the first show. Things like -

At one point, when Bill mentioned that these giant triangles could be time travelers, Kevin said something like (not exact quote) -- They can't be time travelers because time travel doesn't exist. No, time travel doesn't exist now (to our knowledge), but that would be the whole point, wouldn't it? People would visit from far in the future to see what the past was like. They wouldn't visit the same time that they live in.

I am not saying that I totally agree with Bill that these are time travelers, but I don't see why that isn't a possibility. Dr. Kaku says it is possible and I have a feeling that he knows a lot more about that than Kevin does.

Another funny thing was when Kevin was so totally shocked that the replica of the ancient flying machine actually flew. He was totally shocked! However, a few moments later when he had recovered from his shock he made up a stupid excuse about it just being a toy that people made for their children to fly or a representation of one. You know, like paper airplanes? The problem being that these trinkets were made of gold and were representations of something, but I doubt it would be children's toys. Why would they made representations of children's toys out of precious metal? That makes less sense than alien spaceships.

Finally, just silly crap -- Kevin afraid his shoes would get wet in the snow. Kevin afraid he would slip in the snow. Kevin afraid there might be bats in the cave. OMG, I have seen Pat do so much worse crap over two seasons and not complain or worry at all! Like last season when they sent him down that well with the snake in it and made him wear that ridiculous suit (the suit was the worse part, not the snake). Kevin needs some toughening up, to say the least. Seriously, even I am not afraid of bats.

I have a feeling that I will have more to say about Kevin in the future, but I will leave it for now. It has only been one episode and he possibly could improve.

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