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Grey Matter


Award Accepted, Disneyland Beckons

Most regular listeners to c2c have probably heard the George Noory introduction and Art Bell acceptance speech for Artís lifetime achievement award. If you havenít, your life will continue as normal since you didnít really miss much.

First, what I noticed about George Nooryís introduction, besides the lame jokes (which are expected at such events), was that Noory felt the need to make sure everyone knew that c2c now has itís highest ratings ever. I thought that was bit unnecessary, but for all I know some network executive wrote Nooryís speech. Also, I have to admit that I find it a little hard to believe that c2c has the highest ratings ever. Then again, I think they judge by how many people tune in anytime during the night, not by how many listen to the entire show.

There are pictures up from the event at the c2c website. Strange, but there is no photo of Art with the actual award and I wanted to know what it looks like. There is a photo of George and Art sitting at a table, they both have weird looks on their face. I somehow think this was an uncomfortable event for everyone except Ian. If you look at all the photos, Ian is the only one who looks like he isn't forcing a smile.

Onto Art's speech: Art started with his own lame joke about wanting to thank the little people -- the little grey people. Luckily he didnít try to continue with the jokes. While he didn't tell his entire life story, Art did tell some of the high and low points. Mostly about losing Ramona and finding Airyn. Not surprising that he didn't go into the older high and low points, he probably figures that the less people know about them the better.

What I found most interesting was what Art said about certain people he worked for being angry and worried when he did that first ufo show with John Lear. As someone who had been listening that night, it was the most awesome piece of radio I had ever heard. I immediately wanted more. It is just crazy that anyone could have listened to that episode and thought it would drop ratings, or harm the show in any way. To me, before the change, The Art Bell Show was just a boring conservative talk show, something I only listened to because I was working and sometimes found the interaction with Bell and the unscreened callers entertaining. After the change it was the best radio show ever. As Art continued with ufos and other strange topics and the ratings shot up, those who thought they were in the know discovered that they werenít and the rest is history.

Art was taking his very pregnant wife, Airyn, to Disneyland the following day. I donít think there is much for a pregnant woman to do at Disneyland. I suppose some of the rides are safe, but I doubt she got to try Space Mountain.

Speaking of Airyn, I would like to hear more about what she thinks about Pahrump and the US, now that she has been here a while. Also, I would like to know if she is a believer in ufos, aliens, ghosts and other paranormal things. We know she is a believer in Filipino folklore, but what about the nightly c2c topics? We always heard a lot about what Ramona thought about c2c things, her practice of white witchcraft and anything else she was doing, but so far we donít seem to hear as much about Airyn and her feelings on c2c things. Maybe Art is still getting to know her, or maybe she just isn't a believer and Art doesn't want to mention that because he is trying to convert her.

Now back to the award, I think it was well deserved. Deserved more than just because it is a great show, but deserved because Art had the balls to try something new against the best advice of those who were suppose to know about such things. I suppose I could say follow your dreams and good things will happen, but that isnít always the case. You have to actually have a good idea and the strength, fortitude and sometimes knowledge to see it through and even then you will still need some luck. So in a way it is a miracle that c2c ever made it, no matter how great it is.

Congratulations to Art and I hope he and Airyn had a good time at Disneyland!

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