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Grey Matter


Marry or just plain Mary?

I can think of nothing over the past several years that has been more controversial than “The DaVinci Code.” There seems to be two extreme sides that are unwilling to admit there may be any truth in the opposite side. Neither side makes total sense to me. Really there is no solid proof for either side, both need faith to believe.

The Christian side believes that even the thought that Jesus may have loved a woman and married her is blasphemy. I do not understand that point of view. My understanding is that Jesus had a mission not only to sacrifice himself to save mankind, but also to live and die as a man to better understand mankind. During his life I imagine he experienced all human emotions, joys and sadness. From what we know he did indeed live as a man, eating, drinking and sleeping. He showed not only compassion, but also at times anger and frustration.

What is wrong with the thought that along with his other experiences he also shared physical love with a woman? Why would this in the eyes of Christianity somehow make him less divine? Why is the physical expression of love for another somehow unholy? Really, I cannot even guess as to why people would think that it is. To me, the thought that Jesus had a full life, doing all that men do, including being in love with a woman, would make his sacrifice all the more loving. Not to mention that I would feel that he more understands what it is like to be human.

Any scholar of the history of that time and place will tell you that it would be highly unusual for a Jewish man of Jesus’ age to be unwed. Indeed, it would have been considered unholy by the laws of Judaism and it would be more likely that he was married than not.

Back at the beginning of Christianity and Catholicism, Priests were allowed to marry. This was not considered to make them “unholy.” It was only decided that it was unholy and un-Christ like once the church realized that the priests were leaving all their land and valuables to their families rather than to the church. So there is a lot at stake for the Catholic church to ever entertain the concept that Jesus may have been married because their whole concept of priests being celibate in order to be Christ like falls apart if Jesus were not celibate.

There is also the theory of a child with Mary Magdalene. Again, I have no problem with this concept and don’t understand what would be wrong with that. I think it is all related to the fact that people, for some reason, think it would have been unholy for Jesus to have sex.

On the other side, there is this big theory that Jesus did not die. That he moved to France with Mary and raised their child. The thing that doesn’t make sense about his concept is that if Jesus didn’t die and raise from the dead then there really is nothing divine about him and who cares what he did. It certainly wouldn’t make his offspring or Mary anything special, they would just be common people. In that case, there would be no holy grail because there in nothing more holy about Jesus than there is anyone else. He is totally human, just another prophet, but not the messiah spoken of in the old testament. If this side were ever proven to be true, it would completely remove any interest I have in the story. Not that I imagine it would ever be proven.

Like everyone else I have no smoking gun or secret knowledge on this interesting subject, but that is my POV of where each side goes a little overboard in their thinking. I doubt this mystery will ever be solved and that is OK with me. I like mysteries and they are no longer mysteries once they are solved.

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