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Grey Matter


Move Over Noory, Real Esoteric Stars

Probably most have heard by now, Steven Spielberg is starting a paranormal social networking site.

I am a member of a couple of paranormal social networking sites, but they never really seemed to catch on and attract a lot of members. That is not to say there aren't nice people at the sites, but most seemed to become bored as quickly as I did. These sites lack the money of myspace and facebook, which isn't their fault, but often times things don't work right and are never fixed. That mixed with the small amount of members causes people to lose interest pretty quickly.

Hopefully, things will be different with the Spielberg site. There should be plenty of money to add really cool content to attract members. Of course, I have my doubts that it will be a true paranormal site. I am sure people with not a whole lot of interest in the paranormal will join just because they hear about it and it sounds like a cool thing. Nothing wrong with that though, they might become truly interested rather than just trying to hook up or whatever.

Aside from whatever money Spielberg may make off a paranormal site I wonder about the motivation. Surely he doesn't really need the money, so there are only a couple of choices. One is that he does truly love and enjoy paranormal topics. That must be at least party true given the movies he normally chooses to make.

Of course, there are always those dark rumors. He knows more than he is saying. He has seen the film of the landing at White Sands and is a government insider letting out small amounts of information in the form of movies. Surely there are those who will think his site is a scam to collect information on those in the paranormal community.

I have heard the same about Myspace and Facebook, though not limited to the paranormal community. If there is anything about me available on either of those sites that they couldn't find somewhere else I haven't a clue what it is. Does my secret file say that I like to super poke and send booze mail?

Maybe it would go something like this --

Day 103

Ms. Gunter at 3 am started some mass poking. She then sent booze mail and good Karma to several people, including ones of interest, which is almost everyone on her facebook friends list but especially Binnall, Lehmberg, Gorightly, and Vaeni. She then emailed with Ms. Bruce discussing which drinks they were and if the facebook super 8 ball was reliable. Ms. Bruce's faith in facebook seems to have wavered after her quiz results told her she was a Long Island Iced Tea which is making Ms. Gunter question the magic 8 ball.

This must be stopped! Ms. Gunter and Ms. Bruce must not question the Facebook applications! It could ruin our entire Pokin' Mind Magic program!

I almost hope that someone is sitting around keeping track of that, it would keep them from causing any serious trouble.

OK, back to Spielberg. It is nice when someone famous like him decides to show that they may be interested in the paranormal in a serious way. Sure his movies often are about the paranormal or aliens/UFOs, but that isn't necessarily a sign of his personal feelings towards those subjects other than as fantasies. Starting any type of website geared to those subjects, in at least a somewhat serious manner, shows a far more personal interest.

I don't expect that his social networking site will be any great resource for the paranormal. However, in my opinion anything and everything that draws attention to the paranormal, ufos, cryptozoology is a good thing. It also may be a very good starting point for people who are just starting to learn about esoteric subjects. A place to find out what people's favorite books and documentaries are on certain subjects and move on from there.

Perhapsthis site might go online in conjunction with the new Indiana Jones movie? It would be perfect timing given that the movie is at least partly about the Roswell crash.

I look forward to both.

There was another celebrity who made paranormal news wires last week, British Rock Star Robbie Williams. Robbie has had his own UFO/alien experiences and claims that he is thinking of giving up being a rock star in order to be a full time Ufologist. Let's hope he has lots of money saved up since he won't be making much on Ufology.

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