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Grey Matter


Disenchanting News in the Land of Enchantment

This GM is not the least bit esoteric. It is true horror.

For the past few weeks, police have been digging up bodies in a part of Albuquerque known as the West Mesa. This is way across town from my house and the area where they are digging wasn't very built up a few years ago and still isn't very built up or populated compared to other parts of the city.

Right now the body count is at 13, obviously the work of a serial killer. For some reason the police don't like to admit that it is obviously a serial killer. Apparently, they want us to think there could possibly be 13 different killers that all came across the same place for burial and in the same time frame. The bodies all seem to be from about 2004 to 2005. (Although some other reports say from 2000 to 2005.)

They are all women, mostly drug addicts and prostitutes. Well, at least from what we know so far, many are not yet identified, but I will guess they are what would be considered economically "lower class."

The thing that really bothers me, other than the obvious (the killings), is that apparently 13 women (if not more, they are still digging) can totally disappear within a year and the police don't make any connection. There is no alert put out so that maybe women know to be extra cautious and that citizens are on the look out for strange things -- like a guy digging in the desert in the middle of the night. Someone had to see this guy digging even with the low population out there. They probably thought the obvious, burying a pet. Maybe it seemed strange to them, but since they didn't know women were disappearing they didn't take the time to report it.

Now, I don't think for a moment that if these had been middle or upper class women that the same scenario would have happened. Had they been higher status, their disappearance would have been on local news every night, everyone would have been alerted and there would have been a huge manhunt. Not that unusual.

For some reason police think that drug addicts, prostitutes and even just poor women disappear all the time, they decide to go on a vacation to Hawaii or something. (That is sarcastic) I suppose what the police think is that these women just decide to take up with someone new and leave, but that there was no crime. Do they even investigate? I doubt that they do any real investigation other than talking to the person who reports them missing. Will the Albuquerque police investigate these type of things now that they have 13 dead bodies???

To be somewhat fair to the police it is likely that many of these women were never even reported missing.

The police do already have a suspect and although I agree he is likely the one -- they need to prove it. In 2006, Lorenzo Montoya, was killed. Montoya hired a stripper to come to his house. What he didn't know was that her boyfriend was waiting in the car outside for her. When she didn't return he went into the house, Montoya confronted him with a gun, he pulled out his gun and shot Montoya dead. He then found the dead body of his girlfriend tied to a chair. Montoya lived only 2 miles from the site where the bodies have been found.

Even if Montoya was the one, he was 39 years old, is that the only site where he has buried bodies over the years? And what if it wasn't him, what if this person is still alive? He could still be snatching up drug addicts and hookers right now because obviously that type of stuff isn't reported on the nightly news or in the paper.

It still makes me angry, though. It is like a big sign to rapists, murderers and who know what else that as long as you prey on the economically deprived you won't even be looked for until someone finds the bodies.

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