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Grey Matter


Money in the Sky ?

I know it is cool and accepted to say that c2c guests are only doing things for “the money,” but I am becoming really sick of this statement. I am only thinking of UFO related guests right now and I believe there may be a very small percentage of those guests who are only into it because they think they can make money, but I do not believe that is what most of the guests do this for.

First off I don’t believe that most UFO researchers make very much money. There are probably exceptions to that, but on whole I doubt they do. If these people were truly scam artists there are so many ways they could make far more money than writing a book about UFOs and selling a few copies on c2c. Just off the top of my head there are tons of stock scams that make people far more money than selling some book.

Also, I know the few ufologists I have met seem truly interested and excited about the possibilities of UFOs and alien life. Join a ufology group and you will find them there, not trying to sell anything, just discussing a topic they are interested in and doing it for free.

It is always the skeptics of UFOs that use “the money” thing against Ufologists. They say it like they are so disgusted that someone is making money off UFOs, yet do you think they go on UFO related TV shows for free? Don’t they make money off UFOs by trying to debunk them? Do you think the Amazing Randi does lectures for free?

Another thing they use to aid in their argument that ufologists are making ill gotten gains is that the information in their books cannot be proven or doesn‘t scientifically make sense. There is a thing called theory and theoretical physicists publish books with unproven and sometimes unlikely theories every day and nobody says they are in it for “the money.” Also, it would make sense that a race that could come here from far away in the galaxy or perhaps another galaxy would have science and technical advancements that would not make sense to us. Don’t forget that when Sir Isaac Newton came out with his theory of gravity most people thought he was insane. Yeah, some invisible force in the universe, it is really there, but you can’t see it. Check your history there were plenty of skeptics, many high up in the scientific field, that thought he was making things up for money and glory. I am not comparing Ufologists to Newton, but I do want to make the point that what seems scientifically sensible could be relative depending on the advances made at the time.

Another thing I wonder is why is it wrong for me to buy a book from a guest I have enjoyed on c2c? Is it because they may make some money off of something that may not be entirely accurate? Whether I enjoyed their book or not I am only out $20 at the most, it isn’t going to break the bank, it isn’t like I am putting my life savings into some pyramid scheme. It really offends me that people would try to shame me for what I choose to read or even what I choose to believe. They do try to shame you too. They try to tell you what a scam it is and how stupid you are to have fallen for buying the book. They never bother to think that maybe you were entertained by the book. God forbid you be entertained by anything, but the cold hard facts! They always think because you bought a book that you believe every word in it and that you cannot think for yourself without their help. It is really insulting.

All that said, I still don’t understand what is wrong with people making money from Ufology. I love ufology and if I could make money doing research into it I would in a minute. What is more ideal than being able to do something you love and make money doing it? What is wrong with that? I think a lot of people who complain are people who hate their own jobs and are jealous. One thing I have noticed are the people who complain the most, especially about how other people make their money are people who are totally dissatisfied with their own jobs and lives. Maybe these people could become professional skeptics, I hear there is money it that.

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