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Grey Matter


To the Woodshed

I know that I have written in the past that I felt it was unfair that Sylvia Browne was singled out by George Noory for being wrong, when almost every psychic and remote viewer on c2c is wrong, but this time I feel differently. I won’t give Browne that free pass this time, because she deserves the beating she is taking on c2c and in the mainstream media.

For those of you who may have somehow missed this latest Browne scandal, this is what happened:

Kidnap victim Shawn Hornbeck’s parents contacted Browne shortly after Shawn was taken, with the hope she could tell them what had become of their son. Browne told them that he had been abducted by a dark skinned man with dreadlocks and that he was dead. According to the family Browne then offered to tell them where the body could be located for $700. Browne denies that, but strangely enough seven hundred dollars is her going rate and I can’t come up with any good reason the family would make that up.

Not only did the man who abducted Shawn look nothing like she described, but Shawn was very alive and now has been reunited with his parents.

While I can find humor in Sean David Morton’s stock picks or sports picks being wrong, I find no humor in Browne telling these parents that their son is dead. Before you give someone news like that, you had better be damn sure that you are right. I might also mention that this is the second time I know of that Browne has been wrong in a life or death situation.

Then there is the allegation that she wanted money from this family to tell them where the killer hid the body. If that is true, it puts Browne at the very top of my list of c2c scum list and we all know there is some stiff competition there and yet none of them are quite that vile.

What does Browne say about this?

“I’m terribly sorry that this has happened, but I think my body of work stands by itself. I’ve broken case after case. I think it’s just cruel to jump on this one case where I was wrong.”

Cruel? Is it more cruel than telling Shawn’s parents that he is dead, when you obviously didn’t know that?

Meanwhile, I have to sit there and watch as the (un)Amazing Randi gloats about this on Anderson Cooper. Anyone that adds fire to Randi’s black soul needs to be taken to the woodshed and after a good thrashing, locked in there and completely forgotten about.

Hopefully Sylvia is now locked in the woodshed, if she is lonely I can think of several other c2c “psychics” that I would gladly send to join her.

Meanwhile, the stop Sylvia Browne website needs to be taken down, Sylvia is quite capable of destroying herself, no help needed.

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