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Grey Matter


Don't they have enough eggs and sperm by now ?

It is the big question ... if people are being abducted by so called aliens, what do these aliens want? Many people seem to thing they want babies, or hybrids, but that doesn’t answer the entire question since there seems to be many things they do to people that wouldn’t seem to have anything to do with reproduction.

I suppose the answer to that question would also be dependant on what you think aliens are. The answer might be different if you think they are time travelers rather than being from a far galaxy or another dimension.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this, but I am going to tell you of something that happened to me. I have never told anyone about this. I am not sure exactly why, but probably because I find it to be a bit scary. Here it goes though -

I am not sure exactly what year or how old I was, but back in my early 20’s I woke up one day and noticed I pain coming from high up on my inner thigh. To me this pain felt like a burn. At the time I knew nothing about alien abduction, it was before c2c. I did know things about Roswell and a few other UFO sightings cases that I had heard about as a child watching “In search of,” but that was it. I spend some time wondering what I could have done that would be causing this pain and come up with nothing. Eventually, I disrobe and look to see what is causing it. I remember very vividly looking and seeing red irritation around a white colored mark. I also remember thinking that the mark looked like someone had taken a tiny ice cream scoop and scooped out my flesh. The term “scoop mark” is what I came up with, never having heard that term before.

I spent a good portion of that day trying to think of anything that could have happened to cause a injury in such a odd place and came up with nothing. The fact that I could come up with nothing really bothered me, for some reason just thinking about this mark and not being able to figure out where it came from seemed to cause a lot of emotional trauma. The mark continued to hurt the following day and I finally convinced myself that it must be some injury that happened as a child that for some reason had become irritated and was bothering me again. I am not sure I actually believed that, but it was the best I could come up with. Except for the redness around it being gone this mark looks exactly the same today as it did back then.

Years later, I am listening to c2c and I think it was John Lear that I first heard use the term “scoop mark.” Hearing someone use that term in regards to alien abduction sent chills down my spine. Indeed, every time I hear that term I get chills down my spine.

You would think over the years of listening to c2c I would have thought a lot about this mark, but I haven’t. For the most part I have tried to not think about it. I don’t remember being abducted and if I was abducted I don’t want to remember. I know some people seem to think that such a things makes them “special,” that they were “chosen,” but I would not feel that way. If anything like that occurred, it was without my permission. I know the early 20’s Lesley and there is no way she would agree to little grey men doing medical things to her, she wouldn’t even have agreed to a human doctor doing them. Therefore, if such a thing did occur it would be, in my mind, a violation, equal to being raped, a traumatizing event that I wouldn’t want to remember. It could also be a reason that I lived much of my early years with a unnatural fear of needles and doctors. I had no real basis for that fear, never having had a bad experience with doctors or needles, yet for most of my life the thought of getting a shot or having blood taken has put me into a cold sweat.

As a child, I remember losing track of time a lot, but I suppose that is normal for children. Other than that vague recollection there is nothing else I can think of in my life that would point to being abducted.

As I said, over the years I have rarely thought of this preferring to push it to the back of my mind if I do. The past 2 weeks or so though, I have been thinking about it. I still don’t want to know if I was abducted, but I have been wondering what they could have wanted if I was? What did they do with that little hunk of flesh they took? Leaving myself aside, what do they do with what they take from people? Of course, I have no answer to that question. I can speculate endlessly, but I don’t suppose I will ever really know.

Something else I wonder, assuming (and that is quite a assumption) that I was abducted, how many people are wandering around that have been abducted. Obviously, if not for the fact that this scoop mark hurt I would have no clue that would lead me to ever even consider that I may have been abducted. Most of the cases I have read, people somehow notice a scoop mark that is in a obvious place like their leg or arm, but they have no pain from them. Assuming that most people don’t have the reaction to them that I did, how would anyone notice such a mark in a place that they can’t see? They wouldn’t. So really anyone and everyone could have been abducted and have no knowledge of it.

OK, so now I am pretty much finished with this whole thing and I have no answers for anything. I don’t know if I was abducted and I don’t know what the aliens want so I will leave all the answers up to you readers.

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