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Grey Matter


Chemtrails and Orbs

I have probably explained this before, but from those who donít know, I live near Kirtland AFB. Actually closer to Manzano base, which I think is now under the control of Sandia National Labs, but I am not sure. The three are all right there together, within the same secured area. I live about 2 miles east of what is actually considered Albuquerque and probably about 3 miles from Manzano base, in a pretty lightly populated area. There are always occasional odd things that go on around here and this is one more to add to the list.

On Feb 21st, as we went out to take the dog for a walk, I noticed a lot of strange activity. Since I live just a few miles from Kirtland AFB and you can see Manzano Mountain right out my living room window, seeing military jets is not at all odd. The thing that immediately caught my attention was an X. The first one I noticed was to the west of my house, and would be a little north of Kirtland. It was huge. It didnít look like contrails, some people might even think it was a natural cloud formation, but it didnít look natural to me and there were at least 4 jets flying around in that area. All these jets seemed to be leaving normal contrails. In the picture you can see the regular contrails size in comparison to the X.

When we stepped out of our walled in yard I noticed there was an even larger X to the south east. This one was better formed than the one to the west and I took a picture of it, that picture shows nothing strange other than the X. A few minutes later we stopped to feed our neighborís horse some carrots. I decided I would take his picture, which I did. This picture also captured the X in the south east sky again and when I looked at it on the computer it also captured a strange dark orb.

I had seen nothing in the sky to the SE, all the jet activity was taking place to the west. And I did not see the orb that the camera captured. However, a few minutes later as we turned back to the west I did see an orb. The one in the photo looks dark, but the one I saw looked like it was glowing. It wasnít zooming in the sky, but was moving at a pretty good pace towards the X in the west sky. I quickly gave the dog leash over to Britton, got my camera out and turned it on, but by the time it was ready the orb disappeared into the X. I watched that area the entire way home and stayed outside at least another 10 minutes hoping to see it again, but I didnít. So imagine my surprise when I realized that I had captured an orb in the photo of the horse, the only time I wasnít aiming my camera at the sky.

I have been hearing about chemtrails for years and although I have at times seen trails that I thought were not quite normal, I was never quite sure what was a chemtrail and what was a contrail. Many photos I would look at on the internet looked like normal contrails to me so I was not really sure what to think about chemtrails.

I still am not exactly sure what I think about chemtrails, but I do know that what I witnessed was not like a normal contrail and I live near an AFB so I should know. In the first picture you see the contrails of the regular jets, not only are they way thinner, but they also would start to disappear within a minute or so, the Xís were in the sky for at least 90 minutes.

Then there was that damn orb I saw. Searching on the internet I found many pictures and stories of orbs being seen with contrails, so thankfully I am not the only person to have seen such a thing. One of the sites I visited said these orbs are actually the jet that is spraying the chemicals, camouflaged with some sort of technology that makes it look like an orb. That doesnít really make sense to me. I didnít see any trail coming from the orb and it was much smaller than the trail, as you can tell by the orb in the horse picture. I canít imagine that tiny thing having made those huge trails. I also didnít find any other photos of chemtrails with orbs that shows an orb actually making any trail. So far as I can tell the orbs are always seen after the trails are made.

The orb I saw with my eyes was coming from the north, where there were no trails and seemed attracted to the X. Now I am not saying that it was a ufo in the sense of visitors from elsewhere, but it did cross my mind that these ďchemtrailsĒ might be there to attract such visitors. Why make such an obvious formation as an X? That is a question I keep asking myself. If it had just been a couple lines in the sky I probably wouldnít have paid much attention, but anyone who grew up watching Sesame Street knows that X marks the spot.

I have read the theories of chemtrails or at least most of them and probably most reading this have heard them as well. Many of the theories involved weather manipulation and mind control. So far as the weather manipulation theory goes, there was no change in the weather here. The weather pattern predicted before the chemtrails happened with no change. That is not to say they couldnít be for weather manipulation, just that there was no change in this case.

Let me put forth another theory, which I do not necessarily believe, but is rather just a thought I had. Assuming it is the US military that is creating these trails with some sort of plane, or maybe even some other method like propelling something from the ground that causes these, maybe they are doing it for the visitors, aliens or whatever you wish to call them. Who knows exactly what types of vehicles they have and what the requirements might be to keep them going? Maybe those orbs were actually slowly feeding on the chemtrails, maybe there was something within those trails that they need for fuel. Just a thought.

I still donít know exactly what chemtrails are. They could be any of the theories out there, but I certainly donít know which one. They are all good theories, but nobody seems to have any actual evidence. The only thing I am sure of now, that I wasnít completely sure of before, is that something very strange is going on. I suppose I will be watching for trails now and taking more pictures

Correction to last week's column :: One more thing, I need to clear up a bobo I made in my article last week. It was pointed out to me in a blog comment by someone I only know as Crow. Last week I said that Art Bell had chosen George Noory to take over and that is not true. What Art said were things like he had suggested that those in control should choose Noory, that he would have chosen Noory and that Noory was the best choice. Not exact quotes from Art, but what I remember him saying. Yes, those in control of radio land chose Noory, but Art did seem to be on the bandwagon, so much so that I had forgotten that he hadnít actually chosen Noory himself.

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