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Grey Matter


Roswell: Alien Ghosts, Movies and New Witnesses

I am kind of uninspired this week. When that happens I often take a look through the news at the Debris Field.

There seemed to be a bit of a trend last week towards Roswell news, almost as though Roswell did not want to be forgotten in the midst of the big Stephenville story.

Part of that is due to My Strange New Mexico. Recently Mike Smith added a Roswell edition of My Strange New Mexico that is written by John LeMay. Needless to say you will find a lot of ufo/alien related stories there, but you will also find some cryptozoology, ghost stories and other strange tales.

Newly up at the Roswell Edition is a column about the alien ghost at what is now the New Mexico Rehabilitation Center in Roswell. Apparently the alien ghost that many of us have heard about from Jim Marrs is not the only ghost walking the halls there, but John did dig up a fascinating eyewitness encounter with it.

The thought of the so-called aliens having souls, or at least one that may walk the halls of NMRC, could cause a lot of problems for certain theories, especially the religion/bible based ones. Not that I expect the alien ghost to ever be taken that seriously. It is just too weird, even for Ufology.

John also has added a nice column about the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, which apparently has a Roswell connection as well. As I said at my Land of Enchantment blog, I am a total Indie fan! I would see that film even if it wasn't about Roswell and aliens, but the fact that it is makes me even more anxious to see it.

If the Indiana Jones film isn't enough to prove to you that the legend of Roswell will never die, there are still witnesses coming forward. Last week were a few articles about and an audio interview with Sgt. Earl Fulford.

Sgt. Fulford claims to have been deployed to the debris field (no, not my blog -- the real one near Roswell) where he saw and handled debris from the crashed object. I haven't listened to the audio yet, but according to the American Chronicle article, Fulford states that the material had no tears, splits or jagged edges - all the material had completely straight edges. That would not be the case if it were a weather balloon, any other type of balloon, or even a crashed plane.

One would assume that we will some day run out of new Roswell witnesses coming forward, the event did happen over 60 years ago and there can't possibly be many of them left.

That doesn't necessarily mean the Roswell legend will die though. I do wonder, will it eventually start to fade? It no doubt will always be known and part of Ufology, but when the witnesses are all gone will it become a far lesser part? Right now I am doubting that because the witnesses or people who were there and can claim to have been witnesses will have had families. Members of those families will start coming forward to repeat what they remember Grandpa telling them that he never told anyone else. It may never end!

Yes, eventually it will fade, but I don't know if it will be in my lifetime and that is OK. I kind of like living in the most famous UFO state. Seems like that is where I should be.

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