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Grey Matter


Circus Serpo

A while back I wrote a Grey Matters saying that I thought Serpo was disinformation. (See HERE) I would now like to change that opinion to total fraud. I had thought it was disinformation because Richard Doty seemed to be involved, but this is just too sloppy to be disinfo.

First, back on February 4th they posted a new serpo post. In it, we were told how the Ebens were cloning beings in giant tubes. Well, not exactly cloning, but growing hybrids. This just sounded too much like a bad sci/fi movie or book. It was such a obvious twist in the story that it was irritating. I lost the tiny amount of hope I had for Serpo right then.

Then last week, I am sent the first of the serpo pictures through “the list.” The first one is suppose to be a never before seen photo of a Eben. This is the same photo that Art Bell discovered sometime in the 1990’s and had on his website. He even had Whitley Strieber on the show to discuss it. It was eventually mostly considered to be fake. Whether it is fake or not (and it is in my opinion), it is certainly not a never before seen photo. The other photo they send is suppose to be of the two suns of Serpo. This looks very much to me like a photo of the Mizar and Alcor stars. In fact, if you take a picture of them off the web and use a photo program to flip it, it is pretty much identical.

Serpo Picture # 1

Serpo Picture # 2

Now nearly a week later, these photos still haven’t been posted to the Serpo website. Normally, things are posted to the list and within a day are also posted to the website. I received the pictures last Monday or Tuesday and they are not yet posted. Several people wrote to the list about the alien photo not being new and being fake, so maybe anonymous is smart enough not to put them on the website for the whole world to see. I am somehow expecting to get a message saying that anonymous or Bill Ryan’s email was hacked and someone else sent those and they are not the “real” photos. Or something similar in order to try to cover up this big bobo.

Obviously, whoever is running this hoax is not a big UFO buff or they would have known that everyone who is into the subject had already seen that “grey” photo and that it has been around for years. That alone lets me know it isn’t disinformation, I am sure people involved in that are aware of such things since it is part of their job. So what was the purpose of this hoax? Did someone think they would get some sort of big book deal, or even movie? Or was it just as simple as someone wanting to play a big joke? I doubt we will ever know.

I guess some good things have happened to people as a result of Serpo. Both Victor Martinez and Richard Doty have written columns for UFO magazine. Bill Ryan, who nobody had ever heard of before is now universally known in UFO circles.

Is the Serpo train ride over? For some reason I doubt it. As I said, I expect they will come up with some sort of excuse for the Eben photo at least. As always, I imagine there will still be a few hangers on that will believe that and continue to believe the entire Serpo story. It happened with Biscardi and his Bigfoot hoax so I don’t expect this to be any different. Still, they (whoever they are) will have lost credibility with most of the people and things will no longer go as planned. Besides that the vast majority of Serpo followers have not seen the photos which were only sent to the list and then posted on my blog and maybe a few other places that I am unaware of.

So what can we do about hoaxes? There isn’t a damn thing we can do. Hoaxes will come and go as they always do. I say enjoy them until they are no longer enjoyable. Even though I never really believed in Serpo I did enjoy it up until the point where I could no longer stretch my imagination any further. Probably I will enjoy hearing whatever silly excuses they come up with for the picture. You have to take enjoyment wherever you can find it. Life is short and it is better to enjoy the stupid things like this than to get upset and angry about it.

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