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Grey Matter


Fringe Update

I just finished up watching the BEST episode of Fringe since it premiered! Fringe has managed to be interesting since it started, but it was missing the total esoteric goodness of JJ Abrams other show, Lost. It had some in there, but a very small amount compared to Lost.

I suppose it isn't really fair to compare any show to Lost, but since they were both created by the same person those comparisons can't be helped.

Onto the goodness of the 2/10 episode --

So many things eluded to and overt -- teleportation, time travel, beings from another dimension (or parallel universe), secret societies and the potential of the human mind.

Let me first start with this concept of, to use JJ Abrams terms - The Others. Only in this show the others are from another dimension or parallel universe. What we learned in this last episode is that, according to some, there will eventually have to be a war with these "others." They have stepped out of their dimension (or whatever) and by doing so have cause a sort of paradox where only one of these worlds can survive. In the end, there will have to be a war to decide which one it will be.

We know about these others from something called the ZFT manuscript. The ZFT manuscript also provides a reason for all the secretly developed, exotic (and almost always lethal) technologies we have seen throughout the series so far.

We have also learned that the main character, Olivia, was treated with some sort of drug as a child that gives her the power to shut off lights with her mind. That is all we know so far, she can turn off lights. Who knows what else she can do? This drug was suppose to keep her mind open to it's true potential so that she can help to defeat the beings from the parallel universe.

The end of the show doesn't leave much doubt as to who wrote the ZFT manuscript. It was one of two people, 1. Walter Bishop, who doesn't seem to remember having wrote it, but Walter has a lot of missing memories 2. Walter's former research partner William Bell, who is now the owner of a huge corporation known as Massive Dynamic.

Checking the Fringe board, more people seemed to think that Walter was most likely to have written it. I am not sure about that, a lot of these lethal technology that are suppose to be used to defeat the others trace back to Massive Dynamic.

Another interesting plot twist is that several episodes back we were introduced to a MIB type character called "The Watcher." The Watcher seemed to be a good guy, but at the same time he was very alien seeming. That could have many explanations, the most likely being that there are beings from the parallel universe that are trying to help or maybe hinder, it depends on your perspective -- much like the beings we call aliens. It could also be that there is a 3rd contingency involved that we don't know about yet.

If you haven't watched Fringe yet or maybe became bored earlier in the season -- things are heating up. I am not sure I would recommend catching it when it returns for the last 2 eps of season 1 on April 7th. Instead I would wait for the DVDs of season 1 to come out and rent or buy them. Even though some of the early episodes seem rather dull, they may contain valuable clues.

You can also watch the full shows or short recaps for free at www.fox.com/Fringe

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