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Grey Matter


Mind control and Manson ?

Peter Levenda has now been a guest on c2c a couple times. Both of these times I feel Noory concentrated too much on the JFK aspect of Levenda’s book Sinister Forces: The Nine. If you were to listen to Noory’s interviews with Levenda, you would think that is all there is to his book and that is so not true.

In fact, the actual events of the JFK assassination take up very little of this book. It is far more fascinating than a mere assassination theory book.

To me the most interesting parts of the book had to do with mind control. Starting with project “Bluebird” which came before the better know MK ultra program.

Levenda dares to try and answer the question of why a mind control project would be called Bluebird. He comes up with a play and novel by Belgian author Maurice Maeterlinck called The Bluebird, from 1909. In this story two children go on a quest to find the bluebird of happiness. They travel through many lands including the land of memory. Reading about this play in Levenda’s book can almost give one a blueprint of what they were trying to accomplish with Project Bluebird. I was truly amazed by this.

Another subject I found very interesting in Levenda’s book was the strange goings on in and around Ashland KY, the birth place of Charles Manson. Sure I have heard it suggested before that Manson was part of mind control experiments, but Levenda went into a lot of depth of events surrounding Ashland and Manson’s childhood. You won’t get any firm evidence of mind control projects tied to Manson, I believe even Levenda states it is speculation, but it does cause one to wonder. What I have always wondered about was how it was that Manson seemed to know so much about mind control. He didn’t commit any of the Manson Family murders, but somehow had managed enough control of his “followers” that they were totally willingly to commit these murders for him. Where did some hick from Ashland with almost no education learn to wield that much control over somewhat educated, upper middle class young people? People normally trace that to the loads of LSD taken by Manson and most his followers. This is not a bad path to follow given that most early mind control experiments used LSD.

I actually know someone who was involved in one of these mind control experiments. I am not sure what all went on with him only that it was very traumatic for him. So traumatic that he would not speak of it at any length and I would have loved to find out more. This is what I do know, as a young man, sometime during Vietnam this person was in prison. I don’t know what he was in prison for or what prison he was in, but these men show up one day and they tell him that he can come with them and be trained and sent to Vietnam or he can finish out his sentence. He chooses to go with them and take part in their “training” which seems to involve many mind manipulating experiments. He says he ends up in Vietnam as part of Special Forces. He could also tell numerous stories of war crimes he says he committed during he time with Special Forces. He is one of those people you end up meeting if you hang around coffee shops. Someone you would never meet otherwise and other than the chat at the shop you want nothing else to do with. It has been many years since then, one day he just quit coming, when I asked someone else what had happened to him I found out he was in prison for murder. A expected ending to that story I would guess. Actually, he is not the only one I know who was involved in this type of experiment, I know one other. So I know two people involved in these experiments, which really makes me think they were quite wide spread.

Back to Manson, after moving to LA he was put in prison again. This was during the time of much LSD/mind control experiments in the prisons and he comes out and forms this “family” and the rest is history. Before that, he seemed to have little control over people, he had been married and had a child, but his marriage ended in divorce so obviously he did not have any type of control over his wife. As I said, there is no proof of it, but it seems to me that it is quite likely that Manson’s mind was somehow tampered with. The Manson murders almost single handedly destroyed the hippy movement, something that would greatly benefit those in power. Nobody wanted to be thought of as a hippy after that because you were immediately associated with dirty, long haired Charlie Manson.

To me, without Manson having learned some mind control techniques in prison the whole things doesn’t make sense. Before that last stay in prison (before the murders) he had no friends and certainly no followers. He comes out of prison a seemingly new man who makes friends, some quite famous and starts collecting his “family.” Others who have this type of control, say Jim Jones for example, spend many years leading churches or organizations and learn over time how to manipulate people, with Manson it was almost instantaneous.

Still if there was mind control on Manson in prison, is that what made conspire to murder or did he just learn from it and use it for his own purposes? Impossible to know, even if there was mind control experiments let alone that other I guess.

Hmmm…. I started this out in a attempt to talk about Levenda’s book and instead have concentrated on one aspect, but that is what was stuck in my mind and had to come out. So there it is, a rather old theory, but one I have started to believe.

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