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Grey Matter


What am I ?

I think this question was brought up, by me, in a discussion I was having with my friend Daniel Brenton, it started via one of the thoughtful articles on his blog.

I know that I do not consider myself to be a ufologist. To me a ufologist is someone who is doing “hands on” research. They are interviewing witnesses, gathering and testing any type of evidence and reporting findings. In other words, someone who is working much harder than myself. My research is really just reading books and articles, listening to interviews and coming up with my own theories, which are based on what I read, my own experiences and my prejudiced feelings on the subject. Most ufologists would never say that they have prejudiced views, but I admit to it.

I have seen strange things and experienced strange things, to say that has no impact on my theories would be a total lie. I keep underlining the word "theory" because some out there seem to think I am making proclamations of what everyone should believe is true, I assure you that I am not. Many ufologists tout how their theories are based on the scientific evidence. I won’t say that everything I believe is based on evidence, but where there is lack of any good evidence, I will go with my gut feelings on the subject. So I don’t (and probably never will) fit into the ufologist category.

Not to go off on a tangent on the skeptoids here, but I admit that I am bias because I have experienced strange things. Is it possible that they are biased the other way because they haven’t?

Really I consider myself more of a fan of ufology (and c2c, of course). At The Debris Field I try to post links to all ufology related articles. It doesn’t matter to me if you are Stanton Friedman, Steven Greer, or some far lesser known person. Some will say that it does matter because I don’t give the skeptics as much attention. That is true, but as I pointed out I am a ufology fan, I am not a fan of skeptics. There are plenty of skeptics blogs out there, let them post links to all those articles.

There are also those who think I should only post “credible” articles on ufology. I spit on them. Who am I to decide what is credible? I will post India Daily and Pravda links as much as I like. Why do certain people think others shouldn’t be allowed to make up their own minds about a story and that, for some reason, it should be hidden or not posted with other ufo articles? I find it really irritating that there are certain people that feel others don’t have a right to come to their own conclusion.

I mentioned earlier that I am also a fan of c2c. That means I post links to almost anything I think would be discussed on c2c, not just ufology. Unlike many “paranormal” news link sites, I post conspiracy links. It still completely amazes me that many people think the two do not mix (ufos and conspiracy). What makes it all the more amazing is that most ufologists believe in a huge government conspiracy to cover up alien contact, but they somehow seem to think that conspiracy ends there. It is the same with conspiracy theorists, they can easily believe the government blew up the WTC, but they can’t believe the government is covering up ufos? It makes no sense to me. The two seem to go together perfectly, but only a few people like Jim Marrs actually seem to realize that.

Another big mistake people make about me is thinking that I believe everything written in any article linked on my site. That is not at all true. Most days I do not even have the opportunity to fully read all the articles I post. I leave the decision on whether they are truth or trash to those who are really interested in that topic and read it thoroughly and have time to actually think about it. I can’t afford to take that much time with every article or I would have no time left to post. So on any given day is some of it total trash? Most likely, but I actually believe the people out there are smart enough to sort it out.

There aren’t many sites where you will get that many “paranormal” news links, along with the babblings of the blog owner, sometimes very long babblings and sometimes they have absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter. For a long time I refrained from putting in my own personal thoughts. But as I started doing it, I realized that people actually like that and since I can (as you are witness to with this article) babble on endlessly at times, I have, over time, started taking full advantage of that.

OK, so I guess my intent with this article was to defend myself for not being what I consider a real ufologist. I think I have done that by pointing out that nobody is a bigger supporter of ufology than myself, along with other fringe subjects. Although, I may not be out doing hands on research, I do try my best to support those who do and to call whatever meager attention I can to them. Yes, I am biased and I babble, but maybe by admitting that, perhaps I am a little more truthful than some others out there.

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