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Conspiracy - The Spin Zone

For the past year or longer, I have hardly linked to or wrote about current political conspiracies and there is a reason for it. After years of following such things, certain elements bothered me.

First, most sites, especially those that consider themselves to be part of the "truth movement," have an agenda they are pushing. They twist certain facts to fit into their agenda. For example it isn't good enough to say someone may have had political motives to do something -- it is always the Zionists that want to control the world or some sort of dark Satanist type agenda -- The UnGodly! Sometimes the two are melded together as though they stand hand in hand. The religious conspiracy theorists seem to often forget that Jesus was a JEW. Although, I am sure they probably have some theory as to how he wasn't really a Jew, but I don't pay that close attention.

That doesn't mean that I don't believe in conspiracies, but I guess I believe in them in a different way. In my way of belief, they have nothing really to do with race or some sort of antichrist plot and more to do with the fact that there are power hungry humans of all sorts that want more and more power. I am not saying that these types of people would not become Satanists if they thought it would further their goals. I don't actually believe in a Satan that does the bidding of his followers, but I do believe in the power of intent and so in that way it is possible that their ceremonies and rituals could have some effect.

The racists are pretty cut and dried, they hate Jews and blame anything and everything solely on Jews.

The religious conspiracy theorists on the other hand seem to be pretty confused. First, they claim to believe in the Bible which to them has laid out a scenario for the end times. For some reason they seem to think they can change this. Frankly, it makes no sense to me because if you really believe the Bible, then the End Times would be a good thing. All the evil people will be dumped into a lake of fire and all the good people will have 1000 years of peace and love. So why bother trying to stop something that is ultimately good?

There are conspiracies that I believe in, but I refuse to have some sort of conspiracy guru telling me not only what conspiracies to believe in, but in what way I should believe in them. I hate the way they are spun to fit into the agenda of certain groups, each group somewhat believes in the same conspiracies, but they spin them differently to fit their agenda.

This is the way the basic set up works -- everyone in government is evil they are all part of a Zionist and/or Satanic plot. They are all (except maybe a handful) Satan worshipping, murdering, Zionist NWO order boot lickers. Since almost everyone in government is that way there is never any real way to win against them and therefore the conspiracy movement leader always has a job. Oh, but they will tell you that you can win against all of them because that gives you enough hope to keep visiting their site, listening to their show and buying their books and DVDs.

Conspiracies do exist, not only in government, but also in agenda driven movements that are telling you what and how to believe. The funny part is that they tell their followers what sheep everyone else is (the ones not visiting their website or whatever), but they also have many mindless sheep followers that believe every word they say without question. I guess you are not a sheep as long as you are following them.

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