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Grey Matter

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Angel Hair from the Sky

A couple weeks back, my vintage flying saucers magazines obsession netted me one called "UFOs '67." As the title suggests, it was published in 1967 and it seems to be a one shot deal.

I was particularly interested it that magazine because it had two stories I was interested in. One was "The Green Fireballs over New Mexico" and the other was titled "Angel Hair from the Skies." The green fireball story turned out to be common stuff that I already knew. On the other hand, the Angel Hair story proved to be pretty interesting.

The report comes from France and, although I have read through it several times, I can't find a year in which it occurred. After Googling it, the year seems to be 1952.

Basically the villagers of Oloron (about 8000 at the time) in southern France, observed what was referred to as a "flying saucer circus" at about 12:50 in the afternoon, during the month of October.

"A long, white, cylindrical object was tilted at a 45 degree angle as it slowly drifted." Traveling with it were 30 yellow, domed disks. The disks were traveling in pairs and keeping a constant distance between each other. Puffs of white smoke began coming out of the large cylindrical object and as it drifted down it formed a cottony cloud, from the cloud came "long, stringy lines of silver colored fibers."

Eventually those fibers landed on the earth. Fascinated, the people of Ororon tried to capture some of this fiber, only to have it completely disappear the moment they touched it.

Now, as to why I was interested in that story ... years ago, at least 6, I happened to be up early in the morning. It is most likely that I hadn't been to sleep yet. The sun was coming up and I went outside for a bit. One side of my yard was completely covered with something that resembled spider webs, but they were very glittery in the early morning sun. I was totally amazed!

At the same time, I knew a bit about what people were calling "chemtrails" and I knew of morgellons disease and I was afraid to touch them with my skin. I did check the sky for "chemtrails" and didn't see any (or UFOs either). I then took a stick and touched the glittery web-like things. They totally disappeared upon being touched. In my experience, spider webs normally partly stick to whatever you touch them with, but these didn't -- they just disappeared.

Well, it was strange, but I have had a lot of strange things happen to me, so it wasn't a really big deal. Although, over the years I have been watchful of chemtrail stories that have something about spiderweb-like phenomenon. That said, I wasn't aware that UFOs had this same sort of occurrence associated with them.

As I have written about many times, I am most likely to see "UFOs" when the sky is full of chemtrails. Mostly these are orb like objects, but also cylindrical shaped ones.

Once again, there is a synchronicity that is pointing to a link between chemtrails and UFOs. I don't know what the actual connection is, but it seems to be more than mere coincidence.

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