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Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !

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Cult of Pet Haters!

As you all know, for the most part I try to avoid the subject of Billy Meier. However, something irked me more than normal about him and his little cult recently.

I admit I have never read most of his crap, but last night one of his followers on Facebook linked to this article, saying that it proved one of Meier's prophecies. This is what, according to him, the prophecy says:

339. In addition, it goes so far that these emerging diseases are displaced outwardly and, thus, other people are infected with them.

340. For this reason, no animals ever belong in the living spaces of people. beginnen.

362. Thus, not only did the rat become a deadly spreader of disease through the folly of the Earth people but also cats and dogs, which were disastrously kept by the people as pets and, in spite of everything, are still kept in the same irresponsible manner to this very day.

363. The fleas carried by cats and dogs jumped onto animals, such as the rats, which were the carriers of the bubonic plague at that time.

364. The fleas then pricked the animals infected with the pathogens of diseases or epidemics and sucked up the blood containing the epidemic agents or pathogens.

Funny, it doesn't bother me at all when Meier says his silly stuff about aliens or publishes his clearly fake photos, but being a big animal lover and always trying to help shelters in anyway I can - this really bothered me.

First off, well cared for pets do not have fleas! Yes, back during the plague they did because there was nothing developed to prevent fleas and ticks.

I commented that nowhere in that article does it even suggest that humans can get this parasite from living with a cat. All it said about cats was that they sometimes get this parasite from rats (which they eat and are not cooked) and it is the same parasite humans get from eating undercooked meat, nowhere did it say humans get it from cats. OK yeah, I suppose if you killed your cat and ate it, you could get that parasite from it, in which case you deserve it and I hope you die from it. Did any of the culties take notice of my comment? No, I don't think any of them even bothered to read the article! They went right on with their previous discussion.

And the really stupid part is that there are probably billions of life threatening diseases you can get from other humans, but nobody is suggesting that you quit cohabiting with them!

Frankly, there is no threat of disease that would ever convince me to get rid of my pets. Even with germs and the spread of disease by humans, most human illness is caused by diet and other lifestyle choices, not other humans and certainly NOT pets. In fact, as most people will know, pets actually add to the health of humans as stress reducers and through giving unconditional love. I think every study ever done has confirmed that people with pets have less stress and are happy and healthier than those that don't.

Let me go back to the most irritating thing about this - some irresponsible person posts this attack on cats (yes, I do consider it an attack on cats and all pets!), apparently without even reading the article! Either that, or he is so brainwashed that his mind makes him think it says what he wants it to say, a confirmation of his belief in Meier - even though it says nothing like that! It is just infuriating to me with so many wonderful pets in need of a home!

I suppose we are just to set all the pets free to fend for themselves? Then you really will have disease. Well, or maybe we should just kill them all because humans are so much more important?

I will get off my high horse now and leave you with this quote:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"
- Mahatma Gandhi

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  • Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !