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Grey Matter

Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !

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A Light in the Night

So the other night, I am up late, as normal. It is around 2:30 AM and Brit has gone to bed about 30 minutes before. He let the dog out on his way upstairs.

Things seem normal. I heat up a slice of pecan swirl bread with butter, eat it, check out Facebook and other things. Then I hear our dog, Pooka, knocking at a door. It turns out to be the kitchen door. I get up and let her in. I expect her to ask for food, as she normally does when let in the kitchen door, but she doesn't. She seems in a hurry and is quickly out of the kitchen. Then, as I am shutting the door, I notice that the back porch where she was standing is lit up. I had somewhat noticed when I opened the door, but, for some reason, didn't think much about it. At first, I almost shut the door, thinking it is probably the moon, but I look a bit longer and it seems too bright for the moon and there is really only half the porch lit up. I audibly say "what is that light?" and I step out the door to see. In my mind I am thinking that Brit must have put some sort of light on the roof because the light I see is shining down on the porch.

Within like two seconds of me stepping out the door and looking up this light starts silently moving over the house until it is blocked by the second story and I can no longer see it. Yes, like some object was hovering there, shining a light on my dog and then decided to move on.

I admit, it scared me and I went right back inside and locked the door behind me. I then went to the other part of the house so I could look out the windows and see where it might have gone. I saw nothing.

When I come back to the living room, the dog is smelling and kissing the cat. This is something she only does when she is very excited or nervous. There was no reason for her to be excited, she knew we weren't going "bye-bye" in the middle of the night.

Then I walk around the house. We have 3 doors that lead to the yard and I wanted to make sure they were all locked. Silly, because I knew whatever it was wasn't a human or even animal or the dog would have been barking and throwing a fit. So Pooka starts following me around, every time I touch a knob to make sure it is locked her tail goes down between her legs like she is afraid I am going outside.

Also, I don't know if it was from the fright or something else, but right after seeing the light I instantly got a horrible headache.

My first thoughts on it were that I live near KAFB and it must be some sort of silent drone. However, as I thought more on that, I couldn't figure out why there would be a light shining down from it. From my understanding, drones don't need light to see, they have night vision.

Additionally, I never saw any sort of object, just the light.

I posted about this on Facebook right after it happened. I received many comments and some from people who had a similar experience. Extra creepy was what my friend Dave, who lives in Farmington, NM wrote:

"That happened here 3 years ago here in my backyard, Lesley, I was on my desktop computer which has a view of the outside, and saw my cat running full speed across the grass. A second later, two bright lights in rapid search pattern from directly above seemed to be chasing my cat. I ran to the slider door looking upward, and nothing to be seen or heard. I called my cat Sam, who bolted from under a pickup truck and into the house with extreme fear. I looked around and nothing was in the sky I could detect."

At this point, I don't know what to make of my (and Pooka's) experience. I do know that it was creepy! As you all probably know, I have seen UFOs many times, but I haven't ever really felt afraid of them. By the way, I am not saying that was a UFO or anything unearthly. It was only a UF, unidentified and flying. I will probably never know what it was, so I will just add it to my list of unusual experiences.

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  • Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !