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Grey Matter

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More Dulce

A few months back, I was somewhat excited about an upcoming book, UFO Highway, by Anthony Sanchez. I was excited, because apparently I misunderstood the situation. I was told there were actual documents and I didn't know that the person mentioned in those documents would be blacked out and stay anonymous. Without knowing the name, there is no way to check to find out if this person is who they claim to be. I am sure anyone with a computer can forge military credentials or any other type of document.

So, once again, so-called "proof" of the Dulce Base is a dead end.

I haven't read the book, because I am unwilling to shell out $20 for a PDF, especially when it is yet another Dulce story by an anonymous source. I already have at least 3 other Dulce Base books by anonymous people like Commander X. Colonel X will have to wait until the price comes down and he is in the bargain bin.

What I do find rather fascinating is that the whole Dulce Base tale is never allowed to die. Everyone knows that the tales originated as part of a disinformation plot. I am not one that believes Paul Bennewitz was a kook, but it is well known that he was misled purposely on many things. Of course, that is what disinformation is, something with a bit of truth in it, so just because it started that way doesn't mean that there is no truth at all to it.

As I have said before, even without the whole "alien base" thing, Dulce and the "four corners" is a strange area, but that didn't just begin in modern times, it is full of strange tales that go back hundreds of years. I think we can be pretty sure that there was no joint military/alien base back then.

Anthony Sanchez's book aside, I have been trying to read (although, I became sidetracked by other things) Mirage Men, by Mark Pilkington. I hesitate to comment too much on it at this point, but it does have a connection with Dulce and I am sure Dulce will be mentioned later in the book.

From what I can tell it mostly is centered around disinformation agent Richard Doty, who gave interviews to Mark. That is it's own problem, since it is hard to believe anything Doty says. I remember that in Greg Bishop's book, Project Beta, Doty said there was no Dulce base. Then in Robert Collins' book, Exempt from Disclosure, he says there is a base called Dulce, but it is located at Los Alamos. Eventually, I should get to that part of this book and see what it is this time. Maybe it has now moved to Colorado or perhaps it is right out my window at Kirtland AFB?

Well, and I just realized as I wrote that, just because someone can prove they were in the military doesn't necessarily make them believable. After all, Doty was in the Air Force and the US military isn't really that trusted by everyone in UFOlogy, so maybe it wouldn't matter if Colonel X wasn't anonymous. Although, if we could actually check his background there would be at least more believability to the story than with an anonymous source, assuming it all checked out and he was who and what he says he was. With all things in Ufology he would still have plenty of skeptics too. So, yeah, maybe none of it matters until that saucer lands on the White House lawn or there is some sort of tangible solid evidence.

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