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Grey Matter

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Is Coincidence Just Another Word for Paranormal?

Paul Kimball has been nice enough to occasionally send me episodes of his (and Holly Stevens) Canadian TV show "Ghost Cases," before they actually air. Not that I can see them anyway, since it is on a Canadian TV station.

I am far past the point of reviewing, like I used to do with c2c rewind. It serves no purpose because something I might find great, others won't and things I think suck often have useful information for other less jaded people. That said, I do like to comment on things and you can read my comments about the latest Ghost Cases episode here.

That episode once again got me thinking that it doesn't matter if you or I believe in a certain paranormal phenomena, our disbelief doesn't keep the paranormal from happening.

In this particular case, there was a painting that was cursed. According to the curse, if it were moved, someone would die. A lot of people reading this will know Paul Kimball and even if you haven't seen the show you probably know that he moved that painting because we would just kind of expect him to be skeptical and think that when he moved it nobody would die and he would prove that it wasn't really cursed.

Well, someone did die. Not anyone directly involved with the investigation, but the next morning the father of someone who was involved died. From what was said, it was unexpected and he hadn't been ill.

As I wrote on my blog post, you can consider that coincidence, but I think the odds are very slim that someone among that small group of people would have someone very close to them die that morning. The odds of such a thing occurring must be astronomically low.

It occurs to me that Paul, with his total disbelief and disregard of the curse, has actually probably added to belief in it. In my opinion, that will probably only add more power to the curse. It is highly possible that curses have more to do with consciousness than any type of spirit or demon. So the more people that believe in a curse, the more likely it is to actually manifest.

There are lots of consciousness experiments that study the effect of prayer, good intentions or positive energy and mostly these are found to be truly beneficial. Wouldn't the same be true for negative energy? I remember years ago hearing about an experiment where people bombarded certain plants with negative energy. They were taken care of in the same way that the other plants were, but they died while the others that weren't given negative energy and thoughts lived.

When you send negative thoughts out about someone or something, is it any different than a curse? Isn't that pretty much how Voodoo curses and other curses are done, by sending out bad intentions and negative thoughts, with a bit of theatrics thrown in?

To me, this is why we should have respect for what is called "the paranormal." We simply do not know enough to be able to disregard these type of things. It doesn't mean demons or spirits are at work, but just because we don't believe doesn't mean there aren't many people that do believe and that alone may cause certain events to take place.

I was going to wrap this up, but Paul just left a comment on the blog post that said I still think it was just a horrible coincidence. However, perhaps the term "coincidence" is just another way of saying "we don't have a f***in' clue." That sounds right to me. Coincidence seems to be a term that people throw around in order to explain things that they have no real explanation for. Maybe coincidence is just another word for paranormal, esoteric, fortean and so on.

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