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Grey Matter


Afflicting the comfortable

When I picture Ian Punnett in my mind, he is always wearing the same white outfit John Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever. Ian is c2cís Mr. Saturday Night. I have noticed that Ian is getting the crappy guests lately. When he first came back on the scene he got all kinds of cool guests, but apparently this was making him more popular than the powers that be wanted. They canít have Ian become the popular one when Noory has a contract until 2012.

I have always liked Ian. Sometimes I groan at his sad attempts at humor, but still Ian really tries and I donít think he can be anything but Ian. What is Ian? Hard to put a finger on it, but he is unique to Ian. You canít say Ian is ever anything like Bell or Noory, or that he even tries to be. When Noory first came on the scene it was as though he was trying to be Bell like, but Ian knows better than to attempt that and for that he deserves my praise.

I think part of Ianís tendency to make puns must come from his last name. Punnett, obviously means pun it, so he feels the need to turn out the puns on a constant basis. I am sure Jordan Maxwell would come to the same conclusion. It isnít anything he can stop doing, it is in his blood and name. So if you donít like Ianís constant puns than you might as well just stop listening to Saturday c2c or get over your aversion to them.

Ian even has his own opening to each show, ďcomforting the afflicted, afflicting the comfortableĒ and on and on it goes. Where Noory simply says ďlive from the city of angelsĒ and Art says ďfrom the high desert and the great american southwest,Ē Ian felt the need to make his much longer and have absolutely nothing to do with where he is broadcasting from. I wonder what the biggies at premiere radio think about him calling it lame radio? Probably nothing, they probably donít even listen to Ianís Saturday night show.

I like when Ian reads listeners emails and has his own special way of getting back at those who say nasty things about him. He also seems to enjoy making fun of the stupid ones he gets. Lets face it, some people need to be made fun of. While many people refer to Ian as ferret face, I have to disagree with that. To me Ian more resembles a chipmunk with his cheeks full of nuts.

We even know things about Mrs. Punnett, such as she is a red head and rules Ian with a iron fist. Good for her, least she be driven completely mad by a uncontrolled Ian. Ian of course knows that he needs someone like that as a wife, or he would have married someone else. I wonder if she even listen to his show? I bet she doesnít, I bet she is glad to have him gone for the night and takes advantage of getting a good nights sleep for a change.

Ian loves to mention sex and anything to do with sex. He wants to know all about how Giants had sex and wonders what is the problem with the Malaysian man who wants to get rid of his sex seeking ghostly visitor. Ian has at times said the word vagina so many times that it lost all meaning to me. Mind you, he was talking about the writer of ďthe vagina monologues,Ē but still he seemed to take great delight in saying the word over and over again. It somewhat reminded me of a episode of Bevis and Butthead. This is quite unlike Noory though, I canít imagine Noory ever managing to say the word vagina, unless he had a tongue slip while trying to say Virginia. Art would probably say it, but he wouldnít have the glee in his voice that Ian does.

The thing Ian knows the most about isnít sex, that is only what he likes to talk about most. The thing he knows the most about is the bible. I can just see Ian back there in seminary school, trying to find some kind of loophole for fornication and lust.

So is Ian one of the best radio hosts ever? Obviously not and yet he fits in perfectly to c2c. I think Ian is kind of like the missing link, he was lost for a long time, but now he is found and exactly where he belongs.

Long live lame radio!

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