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Dire Warnings, Mysterious Fires and Conspiracy Theories

There is a very strange article that I have posted here. It has the eye catching headline of "Earth Must Be Warned!" Screams French Astronaut Before Suicide Attempt.

I posted it at UFO Mag in order to refer to it in this edition of GM, which was going to be purely about crazy astronauts and perhaps some NASA/space agency mind control. After I posted it my friend and UFO Mag columnist Mike Good left this comment:

Wow Lesley, There is enough chicken little hysteria, logic pole vaulting and drawing of sweeping conclusions from a random series of disjointed assertions to turn any conspiracy theorist into a full tilt,strait jacket wearing, mattress wallpaper, wall bouncing, bug-eyed, blathering lunatic!

A bunch of stuff snipped as Mike points out crazy theories and inconsistencies. He ends with --

So, how come I do not feel compelled to get out my "THE END IS NEAR!" sign to go parading with it downtown? Does our culture REALLY need new fears to cloud our over-crowded reactionary minds with? Especially fears that seem fabricated to stretch the credulity of even the most delusional conspiracy theorists?

It was in no way my intent to spread doom and gloom. Perhaps my trust is misplaced, but I believe 99.9% of readers are intelligent enough to think on a higher level than that. Whatever is left over will no doubt find that article and other such articles in various places on the internet and take them at face value. It is not my job to police people's beliefs and only post things that I think are sanitized enough for the very small percentage of reactionary minds, especially since those with such minds easily twist any article into their belief system, either in the form of truth or obvious disinformation planted by the conspirators.

After checking other "real news" sources on the internet I found that this story is at least somewhat true (that does not include any alien/human DNA and other THEORIES that are presented). She did try to commit suicide and there was a mysterious fire shortly after she had been taken away.

All the mainstream reports seem to have got their details from official French (government) sources. There is no mention of her saying that the Earth must be warned.

Of course, if you really wanted to warn Earth of it's doom, killing yourself doesn't seem like the most logical way to do that. That would kind of prevent you from spreading the warning. Wouldn't it be easier and better to post to a popular internet forum? :-)

My thoughts on this have many levels. Dr. Haigneré is clearly unhinged mentally to try to kill herself, but there is the question of what drove her to that. If it turns out that she did actually say Earth must be warned, I have no doubt that she believed what she was saying. The question is did she believe it because she was mentally ill or did some knowledge she felt she had end up driving her to that point?

To me, what makes this story strange is that within hours of her suicide attempt and her being taken away to the hospital, her biology lab at the prestigious Pasteur Institute in Paris, mysteriously caught on fire, apparently destroying her lab. The cause of the fire (to my knowledge) is still unknown.

For fun (and because I enjoy conspiracy theories and not in a doom and gloom way), we will believe the THEORY put forth in this article that Dr. Haigneré was working on human/alien DNA research and that she actually said Earth must be warned!

To my mind, alien DNA isn't necessarily a far out conspiracy theory. Assuming any of the UFO crash stories are true, there is no reason humans would not be studying alien DNA. However, there is no actual evidence that Dr. Haigneré was working with it.

If she were though, it is unlikely that there is anything in alien DNA that would cause Dr. Haigneré to believe that aliens are evil and out to destroy earth. So either she would have come up with that scenario in her own mind or someone led her to believe that.

Assuming the nature of alien DNA might be nothing like what is found on earth, working with it would lead to questions. If someone were told that they shouldn't worry about it because the aliens mean us no harm, it would cause problems because then the person would wonder why we are not sharing this information with the world.

On the other hand, if they are told that these beings have ill intentions towards planet earth and they are working on this as a way to eventually defeat these evil beings, they might be more likely to keep quiet. They would be told it would cause mass panic, death and destruction if the human race found out. Who wants to be responsible for that?

This article was originally going to be pondering why so many astronauts seems mentally unbalanced. Somewhere on the web there used to be a list of strange incidents involving former astronauts. However, I could no longer find that list. Of course, we all know the tale of the crazy lady astronaut that drove cross country in a diaper to confront (and maybe kill) her boyfriend and his lover. There is also at least one suicide, but there were a lot more strange incidents. Who knows what type of things have been covered up over the years? Also, on a worldwide basis, not just here in America, how many strange incidents have astronauts been involved in? We probably will never know.

Of course, in any profession there is going to be a percentage of "crazies," since I can longer find that list -- I can't prove it, but I remember the percentage seeming rather large compared to the small amount of people who have been astronauts.

However, Dr. Haigneré is more than just an astronaut, she is also a rheumatologist that was working in a biology lab. A rheumatologist studies arthritis and other joint diseases and honestly I have no idea how that would relate to alien DNA. Still, had her suicide attempt been successful she would have been added to that long and ever growing list of biologists (and other related fields) that have been experiencing a high percentage of strange and sometimes unexplained deaths. That is a whole other conspiracy theory.

A bit of my thoughts on conspiracy theories -- I realize they are not everyone's cup of tea and lots of people think they are silly and a waste of time. Some others take them far too seriously. I don't believe that I fall into either of those groups. I believe there are conspiracies and I have ever since I was a child (though I didn't know the proper term for them then). I am fascinated by them and there isn't a damn thing I can do about that. I can no more stop speculating on conspiracies than I could stop eating chocolate or bathing. Doom and Gloom isn't what attracts me. I HATE Doom and Gloom. What attracts me is mystery and synchronicity. When an Astronaut/rheumatologist tries to commit suicide and a couple hours later there is a mysterious fire that destroys her lab, that has both mystery and synchronicity. Even if Alien DNA, the end of the earth and various other conspiracies had never been mentioned -- it still interests me and there isn't a damn thing I can do about that.

I got a late start on this edition of GM because I didn't come across this article until a couple of days before it was due. Therefore, I did not get to put as much time and research into it as I would have liked. So, I may continue with the astronaut topic next week. Perhaps there will be more information on this story. Maybe I will even be able to find that list. If anyone knows where it is -- please email me the url.

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