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Grey Matter


Tis the Season - of Serpo

Several weeks before the Serpo story broke, I was sent a link to the Serpo site. The link came with a short note saying that the link had originally come from Robert Collins, author of “Exempt from Disclosure,” former Air Force and Wright Patterson, Foreign Technology Division Employee. Knowing this came from Collins, I was skeptical to begin with. I briefly looked at the site, which I considered as either a fraud or disinformation and sent that reply to the person who had forwarded me the link. At that time, I did not even add the link to my blog. I do not think there is anyway I could be considered a debunker or disbeliever in the Government conspiracy aspect of UFOs, but when something doesn’t seem right I am not going to be a advocate for it. No way did I think that a few weeks later this would become a big enough story to get it’s own show on c2c. A few weeks later it did though, it became a big topic on ufo mailing lists and message boards, Whitley and Linda Moulton Howe do a brief run down of it on Dreamland, suddenly everyone is talking about it.

At first, I thought perhaps I had missed something and there was some reason to be paying attention, so I reread the Serpo postings and still find nothing creditable. My friend Jon does a scientific analysis on it and comes to the conclusion that it is a fraud. That analysis can be found on the Dec 6, posting on his blog http://plvsvltra.blogspot.com. He raises many good questions, to which there are no real answers.

Sometime on Dec 6th, it is also announced that a gentleman named Bill Ryan will be a guest on c2c, along with “former” disinformation agent, Richard Doty. If I was not sure of this being disinformation due to the link with Collins and the nonsensical nature of the postings themselves then having Doty pop up out of nowhere would have been enough. I had no idea who Bill Ryan was and still don't. He sounds very much like a paid promoter is all I know.

Those who listen to Binnall of America audio will remember the Greg Bishop interview, during which Greg spilled the beans that Doty had once again joined the Air Force. However, during the interview with Noory, Doty made a point of saying he is retired. Which is true? I will guess what he told Greg Bishop was true.

Another strange thing mentioned by Bill Ryan on Coast to Coast was a so called “private ufo mailing list,” of which he and Rick Doty were both members of. What Ryan was doing as a member of this list considering, according to him, that he has never had anything to do with ufology is anyones guess. This list was said to have members that were a virtual “who’s who” of ufology. The moderator was a man named Victor Martinez. That night I did a search for Martinez and this list and could only come up with a couple comments someone named Victor Martinez had made on well known lists, but none that he was a moderator on. So I asked those on the UFO Updates mailing list, which is also a “virtual who’s who” of ufology, not moderated by Martinez. Ask and you shall receive, I was soon privately emailed all info and I emailed Victor Martinez inquiring about his “private list.” I was added to his list, no questions asked. So obviously this is not such an exclusive list. A quote kept coming to my mind “I don’t want to join any group that would have me as a member,” but too late now.

The first day I was a member we got a message from anonymous saying he would be releasing photos taken on the Serpo home world sometime in 2006. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with! Surely whoever he or she is won’t think photos constitute proof in the age of photoshop and other such programs? Later it was posted that they will contain pictures of the actual aliens. Yippee!

So I will continue to follow this story, not because I believe in it, but because it keeps me entertained. I can’t wait to see what Anonymous comes up with next.

Serpo silliness aside now, I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas or whatever holiday it may be that you celebrate this time of year! If you celebrate no holiday then I will just pity you instead.

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