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Grey Matter

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The Blue Spiral

Yeah, I know they came out with an explanation for the Blue Spiral. According to news reports it was a Russian missile. Of course, they are a least a couple problems with that explanation.

First, from what I read (and I can't remember where) the Russian missile was fired early in the day and the test should have been long over by the time of the spiral that was seen in Norway.

Second, I did a search for missiles and spirals and came up with nothing that looked like the Norway spiral. A couple white spiral loops and not nearly as symmetrical as the many loops of the Norway spiral. Greg Bishop wrote at UFO Mystic:

The photos look surprisingly faked, but if real, the precision of the circles points to something that was probably not a failed test. Rockets going out of control are notoriously erratic, and most are built with a destruct system in the event of a mishap.

That is the conclusion that I also came to from viewing videos of missile tests.

To faked photos, it is possible that some were enhanced, but they were real. There is more than one video existing and thousands of people that saw the anomaly. I don't think there is any reason to believe it was a fake.

The other problems occurred to me after re-watching the Norway videos (there are quite a few).

The spiral seems to start in the middle of the sky and not from the ground. I suppose that would be accurate if it were a missile going down, but if that is the case, where did it crash? Did it crash into the sea? Aside from that, rather than just slowly fading as other missiles trails in videos do, there is this black hole (for lack of a better description) that seem to engulf the trails, rather than them slowly fading.

Now, I am NOT saying this is alien or something paranormal. However, I do have a suspicion that at the very least, it is not an ordinary missile. Possibly not a missile at all, but some other form of weapon (maybe plasma or something to do with HAARP or a Russian HAARP like project) that was being tested. Although, that is not a UFO, it still interests me because eventually such things may give evidence of how far advanced we are technologically, compared to where people believe we are technologically.

But, it has been explained so lots of people will think I am just a Woo for not believing the explanation and I will just have to live with that. I don't claim to be an expert, but just doesn't seem like an ordinary missile gone astray.

On a totally different subject - I will be leaving town for Christmas and therefore will probably not be writing Grey Matters for a couple weeks (unless I find Bigfoot in Taos, NM). I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and please remember to tell those you love how much you love them!

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