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Grey Matter

Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !

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Dulce: New Information?

I recently received this email (I cut some of it to make it shorter) from Anthony Sanchez:


October 21st, 2011 former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura arrives to Dulce NM but is denied filming rights and access to the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. The truTV network crews are sent off the reservation and referred to a local Bigfoot expert; someone with little to no real knowledge of the Underground Dulce Facility.

October 24th, 2011 after meeting face-to-face with the Jicarilla Nation Tribal Council President and Public Relations Officer, researcher/author Anthony F. Sanchez is granted unprecedented access to film on the reservation. During the excursion up Archuleta Mesa, Sanchez becomes the first ever investigative researhcer to discover U.S. Government Property (Military Grade Material) atop the Mesa plateau during a recorded video and photo investigation. This fact is confirmed as a first ever occurrence by two ten-plus year veteran officers of the Jicarilla Tribal Law Enforcement Agency.

October 25th, 2011 equipped with High-Definition video and photo evidence, Anthony announces he intends to present this at the 2012 ASPE event in Taos just five days later to a live audience.

October 27th, 2011 Anthony succumbs to a severe headache during the morning hours. By the evening he suffers total facial paralysis and is barely able to speak.

November 2nd, 2011 upon arrival back to Northern California, Sanchez learns he is the victim of exposure to virulent Neurological Biotoxin, confirmed through multiple blood tests. His doctors cannot identify the chemical signature thus ruling out any known commercial grade pesticides or known military strains. The investigation into his health continues.

Earlier this summer on August 23rd, 2011 during a meeting with one of his sources an attempt on his life was attempted. And despite a year of personal assailment, lies, fabricated communication and physical attacks, none of this has managed to stop Sanchez in seeking the truth.

His newest research is now available, displacing the research previously made public. He needs your help towards uncovering the truth in any way that you can provide support.

I do not personally know Anthony Sanchez and in no way wish to besmirch his character, but I have many unanswered questions about his research.

I had never even heard of Sanchez until Norio Hayakawa started talking about him, probably about a year ago. My understanding, at that time, was that a Colonel had come forward with all the proper credentials and there would be a book. I was rather excited about because I didn't realize the Colonel would be staying anonymous. After I realized he would simply be known as Colonel X, much of my interest faded.

While I do realize that there are good reasons that such a person would want to be anonymous, it obviously takes a great deal of creditability away from the story because there is no way for us to check any information ... we just have to believe.

The first thing I kept asking myself was "why did this Colonel choose Anthony Sanchez?" There are well known Dulce researchers such as Norio Hayakawa, Greg Bishop and others that, if he could prove to them that he was who he said he is, would be able to get his story out to a lot more people.

The immediate answer, in my mind, was that this person is not who they claim to be. They could be just someone who enjoys pulling off a prank, but they could also be someone sent by the government to spread disinformation. The second possibility seems more likely. For some unknown reason, certain people in the government seem to have an interest in keeping the Dulce Alien Base story alive.

I have thought that, possibly, that could be for the purpose of misdirection. After all, if researchers are busy in the Northern part of the state they are totally ignoring the south and areas like White Sands. As long as there are people putting out new stories about Dulce and strange things occurring there, that will be where those crazy UFO people will focus their attention. Of course, I have no proof of that - just a thought. Although, I have long believed that the White Sands area is overlooked by researchers and the most likely place that strange aircraft would be tested. I have also, over the years, received far more reports of UFO sightings and other strange happenings from around White Sands than from the Dulce area. That is not to say there are not plenty of strange things going on in and near Dulce.

Whatever the reason, what I am saying is that I believe (assuming no deception on Sanchez's part) Colonel X chose Sanchez because he was afraid a more experienced researcher would figure out his disinformation or hoax.

There are other things I wonder about, especially things in this letter. At the top of that list - I would like to see proof (from a doctor that could be contacted) of the claimed biotoxin exposure. Also, would like to see scientific analyses of material found from a lab that could be contacted. Not that it would be that strange, as I recall, Richard Doty admitted that the military had planted material there when they were running their disinformation operation on Paul Bennewitz.

I have not yet read Sanchez's book "UFO Highway," which someone was nice enough to send me the PDF of. In fact, I have read nothing completely through in many months because I was getting blurry vision and headaches, which I kept blaming on allergies. I did finally go to the eye doctor and tomorrow I will be picking up my reading/computer glasses, which I hope will improve things because this has not only kept me from reading, but has also made writing more difficult. Although, much of my slack in writing was due to laziness and burn out. I also suppose that winter will keep me inside more and I will feel more like reading and writing. Anyhow, assuming I will get around to reading the book - I will report more then.

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  • Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !