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Grey Matter

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The Blues

Yes, the blues. The other day I was thinking about the ridiculous conspiracy theory known as "Project Blue Beam," which then brought to mind "Project Blue Book." It ended up in a little discussion on Facebook, BoA's Richard Thomas chimed in and someone, I believe Shepherd (I won't use his last name just in case he wouldn't want that) mentioned the mind control project known as Bluebird.

I know a lot of people believe in Project Blue Beam, but these are all people (like Alex Jones and David Icke) that know nothing about optics, lasers or holography. I am sure if they visited holography websites and groups they would soon discover how silly the idea of Blue Beam is. Holography + 3D - art is a good place to start, there's lots of real holographers there (and me!).

You can't project something onto open space, you need a screen. Now if you had enough technology that you could suspend giant screens in space without anyone be able to tell that there are screens and you had some way to hide the laser beams which would have to come from somewhere to hit the screens and you could do it all in real color -- you would have to have some sort of alien technology. In that case, you wouldn't need the phony alien invasion, because you would have built alien space ships that you could use for the phony invasion. Let us remember that we can't even watch 3-D movies on a screen yet without having to wear special glasses.

I am sure that the military or some government group tried something like Blue Beam, but I am also sure that it failed and was a big waste of money and time.

Anyhow, I do think there is a conspiracy, but it is the reverse. It is the comment about Bluebird that put that idea in my head. If there is a conspiracy, it is that people are purposely spreading the lie of Blue Beam so that if some big UFO event does ever happen (not likely an invasion), they can have people believe it was Blue Beam and not real UFOs. Most people aren't going to know anything about lasers and optics, and so if someone told them it was just Project Blue Beam, I am sure they would believe it. It is also the type of thing that humans like to believe. They like to believe that we are so clever that we can do anything, but there can't possibly be another race or beings of some sort that are smarter than us and can travel space or dimensions (whatever) to reach us.

Richard Dolan also has an excellent post relating to Project Blue Beam on the After Disclosure website.

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