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Shaman for hire?

Had you asked me several years ago whether I thought Graham Hancock would ever do any drug, even ayahuasca, I would have said no. Really Graham is one of the last people I would have imagined doing that. David Icke, anyone can tell he would try anything, but not Graham. Nonetheless I am glad he did. Whereas I find anything Icke says slightly questionable, I don’t feel that way about Graham so I find his experiences more believable. Also, Graham’s new experiences have added a whole new dimension (pun somewhat intended) to him.

Still I have to wonder how someone under the influence of such a drug can be so sure they were having a “real” experience. I know from experience that there are drugs that make you see things, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that what your are seeing is actually real. Of course, it doesn’t mean they aren’t either.

One of the strange things Graham said was that some of the beings that you see during your ayahuasca experience could be the same beings that people claim to be abducted by. He made it sound as though people who are being abducted aren’t physically being taken anywhere, but are having a spontaneous ayahuasca experience. Being that Governments have recovered craft, which I have no reason to believe isn’t true, then what Graham says is not the end of the story. Assuming these are the same beings then they have the ability to manifest in the real world as well as the ayahuasca world. So I don’t think his theory that they are doing genetic experiments in order to find a way to make themselves solid beings really holds water. These are obviously inter-dimensional beings that can travel from their dimension using some sort of craft and they probably are already solid and just didn’t seem so to him because he was in a different dimension than what he is use to.

I am a firm believer in other dimensions so I have no problem believing that he somehow managed to access one. I do assume that it is only the tip of an iceberg though, since I believe there are many dimensions and he couldn’t possibly have visited them all at once.

Mostly, I must admit, I am jealous. I have always loved traveling. To travel to other dimensions would be the ultimate, though no photos to add to the scrapbook. So I will just admit it, I want some ayahuasca. I suppose I need a Shaman too.

How does an ordinary person go about finding such things? Do you just travel to South America and ask around until someone tells you where there is a Shaman and then tell him you want to take ayahuasca? Are there Shamans for hire on the internet? I haven’t found one yet, if there is. I did find someone offering to sell ayahuasca vines, but I would have no idea how to make the right concoction if I had one. Apparently there is a guy doing research on ayahuasca at the University of New Mexico, which is about 15 minutes away. Maybe I could get into one of his research groups if they are still going on. Although, I bet he has a waiting list a mile long. Where are all the enterprising Americans out to make a profit off this new drug?

What about the beings in the other dimensions, do they take something like ayahuasca in order to see us? Is there some being talking on the equivalent of c2c in their dimension about the weird beings he saw when he took some sort of drug? Probably and I bet they are pretty scared by now if so.

“Dude, they were tall, squishy, squinty eyed beings and I swear they were eating other furry beings. They were creating these fumes that were destroying them and their planet. They were killing each other too.” Seventh dimensional Noory, known as Snoory asks, “were they killing each other to eat?“ Guest, “No, just because they could.“ Snoory, “My God! That is unbelievable! As frightening as they are I do believe that beings like that could exist. I wonder if they could be the shadow people that people sometimes see?” OK, enough of this nonsense. I will report back on this subject when I have found a Shaman and some ayahuasca.

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