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My recent poll at The Debris Field and TheUSofE message board asked this question -

Coast to Coast AM has
a>The right amount of ufo/alien shows = 10
b>Not enough ufo/alien shows = 31
c>To many ufo/alien shows = 4

45 people responded, not a large enough sampling for a truly scientific poll, but the poll seems good enough for my purpose.

First, there were 4 out of 45 that felt c2c has too many ufo/alien related shows. Really not a large enough percentage to comment much on. Probably those are 4 people who should not be listening to c2c because I would guess it is not really their type of show. Probably they listen because they are up late at night without much else to do.

Then there were 10 people who felt c2c had the right amount of ufo/alien related shows. These are probably people who should be listening to c2c because they enjoy a variety of topics. Kudos to them because they are the most balanced of those who answered to poll!

Lastly, there was the group that I fall into and it is the biggest group, the 31 who feel c2c does not have enough ufo/alien related shows. Maybe most of this group is like me and they got sucked in during the early days of the Art Bell Show, which was mostly centered around ufo/alien topics. Or maybe, the majority of people just find that subject matter more interesting than the new age, remote viewing and other topics covered on c2c. In order to figure that out I would probably have to do several more polls and luckily I have nothing better to do with my time than conduct unscientific polls.

Making sure I have made all the disclaimers about the poll being unscientific, I will also comment that talking with people on message boards and mailing lists, I feel that these polls are also accurate to what I have heard there, so I don't feel they are way off base as to how people feel. Then again, I suppose if I hung out on the Skeptical Inquirer message board I would have had totally different results, but I doubt the people there actually listen to the show for the same reason I and most others do.

Something I do wonder, why doesn't c2c do any polls of what the actual listeners like to hear? They have a whole message board full of people who like the show well enough to pay for streamlink and yet they seem to pay no attention to what people there have to say. It is obvious that they pay no attention because if they did, they would realize that most people do want more ufo/alien related shows, more conspiracy shows, less remote viewing or various other forms of "telling the future" shows, less new age shows and they also think that calling Richard C. Hoagland a "Science Advisor" is a complete joke. Yes, there are a small amount of people who think otherwise, so they should never entirely do away with remote viewing, new age shows, or RCH, but they should have less of them.

I realize that it is hard to fill 8 shows a week with guests, but I do have some suggestions. First, Rense has guests that do a show every month and this seems to work out fine. It is pretty much the same concept as magazines that have columns by the same people every month and that has worked well since they started printing magazines. I never mind hearing Alex Jones and Jim Marrs every month on Rense because they are always interesting. Linda Moulton Howe is already a great monthly guest on c2c, but there are others who would also be good. Peter Davenport would be a great monthly guest because he could update us on all the recent UFO sightings, we could know where clusters are happening and if there is any certain type of ufo being seen more than others. I am sure Davenport could probably fill a monthly show with recent sightings. Loren Coleman would also make a great monthly guest because he always has new stuff on Cryptid sightings and new stories on a daily basis at Cryptomundo, so I know he could fill a monthly show. There are many others who would be good for a monthly appearance, but I won't bore everyone by listing them all here.

My second suggestion is, realize that people have books on different or somewhat different subject matter and do different shows with them. Peter Levenda has been on c2c several times, each time he is only asked questions relating to his book Sinister Forces 1, mostly questions about the JFK assassination. Peter Levenda has 3 other books that he could be interviewed about, but never is on c2c.

I could go on with suggestions, but probably I have made them all before in other Grey Matters so I will stop repeating myself now. Though maybe if something is repeated often enough someone will actually pay attention.

A big thanks to all that responded to my poll! Look for more of them in the future.

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