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Why I Voted

As some of you know, especially if you read my blogs or hang out at the BoA forum, I did not plan to vote this election. I truly had no intention to do so and yet last Thursday I did just that.

For the most part I think anyone who has got to the level of nominee of their party is dirty in some way, they all are -- Republicans and Democrats. Also, I have felt quite disenfranchised by the previous two Presidential elections and unsure of whether my vote was even being counted.

So what drove me to change my mind and vote for Obama? Was it Obama's rousing speeches? Was it his tax plan? Was it the economy crashing? Was it health care? Health care definitely has some role in it, as do other things, but the thing that really got me to vote though wasn't Obama or anything he has promised to do. It was McCain and Palin.

I truly always had a great deal of respect for Senator McCain. Back before Bush he used to actually be Mavericky and even with Bush he was Mavericky 10% of the time, which I am sure is a better record than some other Republicans.

Then he ran for President.

First, he exhibited horrible judgement by choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate. Not that I think there is anyone who would even try, but there is no way anyone could convince me that Sarah Palin is the best qualified Republican for VP or even the best qualified Rep woman. It isn't just the fact that he chose her, but also the fact that he had only met her in person once and talked to her once on the phone. If that is the amount of time and effort he plans on putting into all his important decisions, it is downright scary.

It wasn't John McCain's record that bothered me or even his comment about a 100 year war in Iraq (if needed). It wasn't anything he said about what he plans to do -- because I still have no idea what he plans to do. I would have actually liked to have known what he plans on doing that is different than what is already being done, but he talks about that about as often as he has not voted with Bush (10% of the time) 90% of the time he spends talking about what his opponent has or will do wrong.

And OMG! Those people at those McCain/Palin rallies! Those nasty people shouting horrible things like "kill him" about Obama! The lady who was worried that Obama was a Muslim, like that somehow disqualifies him from being American. It wasn't just her, there were lots of Reps who were sure Obama is Muslim and that someone is bad just because of that. I guess Muslim=Terrorist in the minds of many Republicans. It makes me shutter for what my Muslim friends must have to put up with and some of them are (or were) Republicans!

Then to top it all off the Republicans weren't happy just insulting Obama and decided to insult at least half the country too. I had to hear how only people who are for McPalin are "real Americans." Yes, that was straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. That is the very thing that made me rethink my decision not to vote.

I found myself truly angry about that, especially after these years of hearing how people who don't believe in the Iraq war and/or the Patriot Act are Anti-American. It sounded just like a continuation of Bush where you can't question or disagree with any policy without being accused of being unpatriotic.

Then I realized something -- I am a real American, but I wasn't acting like one by not voting. However corrupt things might be, it is up to me (and others) to still have the hope that votes will be counted and things can be changed. It doesn't hurt to keep trying and hoping, especially in the case of voting which normally only takes a few moments of your time.

So you can thank the John McCain campaign for jolting me and causing me to actually think about my decision not to vote. It doesn't matter what they may think about me not being a real American -- my birth certificate, drivers license, passport and other papers still list me as a real American who is allowed to vote.

I know that if the polls turn out to be true there will be many disappointed and downright upset Republicans out there. I truly can sympathize with their pain after going through two Bush elections. I know how it feels to think your fellow citizens were wrong and even complete idiots, but in 4 years you will get another chance.

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