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Grey Matter

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Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass

Last week, James Gilliland put out a statement that makes it seem like he is quitting ufology, but he really isn't. Confusing, isn't it? From what I can tell, he is actually saying that he will no longer associate with people in Ufology that do not believe like he does.

Upon first reading his statement, all I could do was roll my eyes and think -- don't let the door hit you in the ass. Not because I have anything personally against Gilliland or any of his research, but because it seemed very childish.

Sure there are a few (very few) people within Ufology that I think are total asses and then there is a bigger percentage that just don't see things as I do. Although I don't associate with the group I consider to be total asses (which has less to do with what they believe and more to do with them thinking it is the ONLY way to believe), at the very least I try to keep an open mind to those that are nice people, but just don't see things as I do. Well ... because that is how you learn things isn't it? Maybe Gilliland knows it all, but I don't claim to.

Gilliland's statement starts out like this:

Before we begin I would like to express this letter is not to the people of integrity which are far and few between in the UFO community. They will understand and completely agree with what I am about to say. This letter is to all the conference boards, talk show hosts and others within the community who continue to deal with half truths and perpetuate the dark threatening agendas concerning our off world visitors totally ignoring the fact that the majority of off worlders are very spiritually and technologically advanced as well as benevolent.

He writes that the majority are benevolent, but even he doesn't claim that all are. So are we just supposed to ignore the possibility that some aren't? Aside from that, I know of very few people within Ufology that perpetuate this dark and threatening agenda. Who is he talking about? It certainly isn't the majority of the Ufology community. Also, what else is he trying to say there, that talk show hosts and conferences should only present one point of view - his? All the ones I know of present both, as it should be.

Then he says:

The field has become so corrupted, convoluted, and whacked out the real contactees and the bigger picture with positive contacts really have little or no forum to express. They are eventually squeezed out especially when it comes to women. Women who do not agree with the dark foreboding agendas of many exmilitary or top government officials who either see everything as a threat due to preprogramming or are there to support the war industry which needs a new threat to continue its massive budget.

Whaaat? I think I know most women in Ufology and I don't know any that have been squeezed out for not agreeing with the dark foreboding agendas. I do not agree with the dark foreboding agendas nor do I agree with the "all aliens are full of love for humans" agenda. I don't belong to either agenda or either group and most people I know, male and female, don't either. Although, I know of far more people that put forth the space brothers agenda than whatever dark agenda Gilliland is referring to. I still can't think of one well known and respected Ufologist that is spreading this dark agenda.

Of course, that leads me right back to my #1 pet peeve -- groups. Gilliland is accusing certain groups of spreading dark agendas. So what does he do? Well, he starts a group, of course. Oh, he doesn't call it a group, but when you only want to associate with people who basically think just like you do, that is a group. When you only want to discuss positive contactee experiences and ignore disturbing abduction experiences, that is a group. That is also an agenda.

I won't even mention Gilliland's "spirituality" here because Joseph Capp does a great job of that in his blog post that is well worth the read.

It seems to me that if you are searching for the truth you should be at least somewhat open to other points of view, to those that have had different experiences than what you have had or what you want to believe. Unless you have already found the truth.

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it. -- Andre Gide

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