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Grey Matter


Wash, Rense, Repeat

I haven’t been listening to Rense for very long and I thought I would give some first impressions. First off, I should mention that I had heard many good and bad things about Rense before ever listening. One of the good thing I heard was that he allowed people on that c2c won’t touch due to their somewhat controversial ideas and theories. The bad thing I heard most was that Rense is totally anti-Semitic. So far the good thing I heard seems to be true. As far as the anti-Semitic rumor goes, I have heard no evidence of it so far. If he is a anti-Semitic, he sure doesn’t bring it up very often.

One of the things I really like about Rense is that unlike Noory he doesn’t interrupt people who are talking about something to ask a totally different question. In fact, I have noticed that most of the time if people will keep talking he just lets them go. Sometimes he interrupts to make sure he understood something, or to ask a question about the subject they were speaking about, but he doesn’t lead them away from what they were talking about. I suppose that sometimes this causes guests to go on a bit too long on what may be a boring topic to some, but at least he isn’t interrupting the interesting topics. In fact, the first time I listened to Rense I wasn’t even sure if there was someone there hosting the show, he let the guy talk so long.

So far my favorite guest on Rense is Skolnick. The first Rense show I ever heard, he was the guest. He is someone I don’t expect to ever hear on c2c. I would be in total shock if he ever showed up on there. I am now all caught up on the Gannon/Gosch conspiracy. Would I say there is no way that this could be true? Of course not. In fact, I have my own bit of fuel to add to this fire, Skolnick may wish to follow up because as far as I know this hasn’t been mentioned. Bush has been married, I am not sure how long, but over 20 years and only has the one set of twins. I think it should be checked into whether or not twins run in Laura’s family because if not the likelihood of her having twins without having been artificially inseminated is fairly slim. So maybe Bush is gay and Gannon is his lover and his whole marriage to Laura is a sham because he didn’t even impregnate her. Just a thought. Sure some of the things Skolnick says are even too crazy for me to believe, but that doesn’t mean I forget about them. I file them in the back of my brain, where they sit and wait for something to happen that will make me reconsider them. Yes, I did have a pen and paper ready and I subscribed to his mailing list.

I also enjoy Webster Tarpley. Again, some of his theories are a bit much for me to believe and I file them away until needed. In case you couldn’t guess, I love conspiracy theory of all types. Most especially I love “Illuminati” type conspiracy theories. Personally, with my little trust for the government, I find them the easiest to believe. I often wonder why I am so distrustful of the government since they really have never done anything to me. I think it has to do with my upbringing, coming from the genes of Revolutionary soldiers and Confederate soldiers. Someday I will write a entire “Grey Matters” supporting Warren Getler’s book “Shadow of the Sentinel” and including my personal family history, but that is for another time.

Rense himself is kind of mysterious. I am not sure I even believe that is his actual picture on the website.

I don’t listen to every Rense show. Many are just not my thing, but I think, so far anyway, it is worth the fee to get to hear other ideas and theories that I am probably not going to hear on c2c.

So in closing, Rense - so far so good. I will let you know if my opinion changes.

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