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The first UFO book I ever read, that I remember, was Timothy Good’s “Above Top Secret.” I have always considered him to be one of the top ufo researchers in the world, right up there with Stanton Friedman. It could be just because I credit him with helping renew my interest in ufos that I think that, but no, I believe he really is one of the top ufo researchers.

Good is not a media whore, in any sense. Sure when he has a new book out like now he makes the rounds, but most of the time he is not on the schedule of the major ufo conventions and he doesn’t stop by and chat on c2c very often. Of course, I was thrilled that he did stop by c2c and it turned out to be a better show than even I had expected.

For the most part Noory asked such good questions that I almost thought he had read the book. As the show went on though, it seemed more likely a really good pre-interview was done and that Good had probably sent over talking points. I am not that picky, whatever works is fine by me.

Nick Pope and his often overblown statement of how aliens could destroy the earth was mentioned right off. Good did think aliens could be a danger, but he thought we have a lot bigger worries than just aliens, who could argue that? He did seem to agree with my line of thinking though, which is that whatever the aliens are doing here probably has a lot more to do with their wellbeing than it does ours.

A lot of the skeptoids often try to make a point by saying that they US government doesn’t know about aliens and wouldn’t be building space weapons to combat them because if there are aliens they could easily destroy us no matter what we build. It seems pretty obvious that they wouldn’t do that and that they need something from us and the earth and that is the whole reason they come here. Well, maybe not all races, but I am thinking of the greys and whoever they may work for.

Back to Good, I like the way he states things. Where he is speculating he makes sure to tell you that it is just speculation on his part. Better than that though, I like when he has the balls to say that he KNOWS something for fact. A lot of ufologists are very hesitant to say they know something, they will say they believe something to be true, but often times will stop short of saying they know. Good says things like he KNOWS the US government is lying about ufos. He says he knows this from his sources inside the government. Sure, others can argue many things about whether he really does know or not, but I like that he feels sure that he knows.

I also like that Good has his own personal esoteric tales. He feels he has met otherworldly intelligences and held conversations of sorts with them by telepathy. This undoubtedly causes many snickers from the “just the facts that I can see and touch” crowd, but again Good has the balls to say such things and let the chips fall where they may.

Another part of the interview I really enjoyed was during the last hour and open lines. Some guy in Arizona called in, Good had a one time researched some sort of ufo tale with military involvement that this guy had told him and with the evidence he acquired found it to not be true. Good pretty much called the guy a liar, right there on the radio, which I found pretty cool and funny too. Noory seemed a bit flabbergasted by that, but recovered by hanging up on the guy and saying “They don’t all work out, do they?”

No, they don’t all work out, but this interview did. As things stand now, probably it was one of my favorite ufo related interview of the year. I think it is a toss up between Good and Dolan, though I may be forgetting someone, as I haven’t checked through the c2c shows for this year.

As I have always said, c2c needs more good guests, but they also need more Good as a guest.

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