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Grey Matter

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Disclosure 2009

For those keeping score, we have once again been promised that disclosure is right around the corner again ... on November, 27th, to be exact.

I don't really understand the need that some people have to say that disclosure will happen within a certain time frame or on a certain date, especially give the numerous times such things have been said in the past and never happened. Since there is nothing really to be gained by making such predictions, other than looking like an idiot when they don't happen, one can only assume that the people that make these predictions really do sincerely believe that disclosure is going to happen when they say it will.

Overall, I have no problem with anyone that wants disclosure and feels they need to work on helping to make it happen. I have no urge to mercilessly attack the disclosure people as others do. However, what I don't understand is why they think that after all these years, let's imagine the government admits that aliens (or whatever) are visiting the earth, that they would actually disclose everything and be truthful about it. Seriously, when, if ever, has the government disclosed advanced technologies that could give them the advantage against their enemies? I am pretty sure the answer is never, except for cases like the U-2 when they weren't really given a choice.

Now, I understand the hope that people had when Obama became President because I had it too, but, if by this point, you haven't realized that he is not the peace dove that you thought he was -- you are either stupid or unwilling to see the truth. Hey, I hate to admit it myself, but I don't see either of our wars ending anytime soon. We still render people and Gitmo is still open for business. Militarily, I see nothing that has changed since Bush left office. Oh sure, we get promises that they will, but they are unfulfilled.

Even if Obama knows the truth about what is going on with aliens/ufos (which I seriously doubt), I don't see a President that, so far, is pretty status quo having the balls it would take to release any type of meaningful information about something that could cause him a lot more problems than he already has.

However, it is fun to think of what would ensue from disclosure. Just thinking how Glenn Beck might react or how FOX News, in general, would cover disclosure is totally hilarious. Beck is totally terrified of Muslims and Communists -- can you imagine how he would react to beings from somewhere far away? He might cry for weeks! Meanwhile, he'd be whipping up a huge batch of paranoia for his followers, of course. Hey, it is totally possible the aliens have government health care and are Communists. While the beliefs of Glenn Beck only reflect about 20% of the population (according to most polls), that even 20% of Americans think similarly to Glenn Beck doesn't make me anymore hopeful that disclosure will occur anytime soon.

It is easy to think that such a disclosure would show the Glenn Beck's of the world the error of their ways. That is very unlikely though, probably it would just give them another thing to add to their list of things to be paranoid about and it would probably be at the very top, even higher than Muslims and Communists. That is not to say that there aren't things to be paranoid about, but Obama being a Communist/Muslim who is out to destroy America is pretty ridiculous -- the guy couldn't even get a healthcare bill through the House and Senate without it being watered down so much that I am not even sure it is still a healthcare bill.

I think that we also have to take into consideration that maybe the aliens (dimensional beings or whatever they are) don't want to be disclosed. Possibly they don't want to be disclosed because 20% of the people in the US actually believe the type of crap that Glenn Beck spews and who could blame them for that?

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