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When Richard C. Hoagland started his blog I expressed my wishes that more c2c guests would do the same thing. Since then I have discovered a few others that have blogs and I visit them regularly. If you are interested in UFOs, Cryptozoology or Nazi and Occult conspiracies probably there is one you will enjoy.

Jon Ronson, (http://fromronson.blogspot.com/). Jon is the author of The Men who Stare at Goats and Them: Adventures with Extremists. Apparently Jon has given up on his blog in favor of his message boards, but maybe if enough people visit and comment that they would like to see him return, he will.

A Different Perspective, (http://kevinrandle.blogspot.com/), is Kevin Randle’s blog. Kevin for those who don’t know is a Roswell and UFO investigator and has written numerous books. He doesn’t update his blog very often, but I keep hoping that will change.

Paul Kimball, (http://redstarfilms.blogspot.com/, http://rensewatch.blogspot.com/ and several others available in his blogger profile.) I guess Kimball would be considered a Ufologist and film maker. Kimball seems to be controversial for some reason, but unlike other people I know I do not hate him. I know very little about him so I am withholding my opinion. I don’t frequent his blogs much, but he has been a c2c guest so he makes the list. As would be obvious to anyone visiting his Rense Watch blog, he does not care for Rense and considers him to be anti-Semitic. Paul updates frequently and I believe replies to many comments and questions.

David Sereda, (http://davidsereda.blogspot.com/), David also investigates UFOs and is often a c2c guest. David updates his blog fairly frequently, but doesn’t ever seem to reply to comments or answer questions.

Bill Chalker, (http://theozfiles.blogspot.com/), yet another UFO investigator who is a sometimes guest on c2c and Dreamland. A lot of this site is about his book “Hair of the Alien,” but there are other topics as well. Bill updates fairly frequently and although he doesn’t always reply to comments on the blog, I have received a couple emails from him answering questions I had about him both on his blog and mine.

Peter Levenda, (http://sinisterforces.info/blog/index.php?/authors/2-peter-levenda/). Peter is the author of Unholy Alliance, a history of Nazi involvement into the occult and Sinister Forces, a Grimoire of American political witchcraft. He updates fairly regularly and you will find some very interesting posts, many about strange political conspiracies, but also some other topics. Peter takes the time to reply to most comments and questions, which makes this one of the better blogs.

Cryptomundo, (http://www.cryptomundo.com/). Cryptomundo consists of Cryptozoologists Loren Coleman, Craig Woolheater and Rick Noll. They post on a daily basis, which is great. You have to register, but can comment and they do often reply to comments and questions. This blog pretty much sticks to the topic of Cryptozoology which is fine because there are tons of different creatures within that field to be discussed. If you ever want to know the latest news on Bigfoot, Mothman, Lake Monsters or other strange and wondrous creatures, this is the place to go. Craig Woolheater recently informed me that more “big name” Cryptozoologists will soon be joining Cryptomundo so it may get even better.

So there you have it, my list of blogging c2c guests. Know of someone I missed? I would love that info so pass it on to me.

Until next time, stay happy and warm.

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