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I swore I would never have a myspace page. Then after watching everyone including Tim Binnall, Alex Jones and even the guys from Cryptomudo get one, I had to reconsider. Maybe I was missing out on some sort of big trend that I should be involved in, I thought and so I got my own myspace page. I did this very carefully, in order to make it clear that I was not there looking for love, or whatever passes for love on the internet and I believe I succeeded at that.

There are quite a few c2c guests who have myspace pages. Alex Jones and Dr. Louis Turi most know have them. There are others too though, Jim Marrs, Graham Hancock, David Sereda, John Greenwald, Lou Gentile, Dr. Michio Kaku, UFO Phil and as mentioned Loren Coleman and the guys from Cryptomundo. All those mentioned are linked in my friends area at www.myspace.com/thedebrisfield.

None of the c2c hosts have myspace pages. I doubt Noory or Bell will get one, but I will see if I can talk Punnett into it. It seems like a perfect place for Punnett and he is just silly enough to give it a try.

Some don’t do very much with their myspace page other than advertise their “real” website or blog and collect friends. Others, most notably, Alex Jones and Dr. Turi send out daily bulletins, lots of them. Alex’s bulletins are the same stories he posts at prison planet. Dr. Turi sends out horoscopes and his dire predictions. Really if not for myspace I would have no clue what Turi is up to, but now I am constantly updated. You don’t have to read all the bulletins that are sent out, they just show up on your myspace page and you can choose to read them or not. Most times I don’t, but sometimes one of Turi‘s will catch my eye.

Besides bulletins there is the blog aspect of myspace. Unlike bulletins which you automatically get from anyone on your friends list that sends one, blogs must be subscribed to or you must visit that myspace page to read them. A couple people actually use their blogs, Jim Marrs and Dr. Kaku come to mind. Sometimes I post in my blog there too. Apparently I just cannot have too many blogs.

Others may not use bulletins or their blogs, but they instead post things to their myspace pages like videos or photos, articles and so on.

So I would say that myspace can be a useful tool for getting out information and not nearly as worthless as I had once thought. Not everyone on myspace is there looking to hook up with someone. There are actually people there with interests other than that, amazing! Actually I have to say myspace is less of a meat market in the dating sense than I had thought, it is though more of a marketing place for TV shows, films and musicians than I had imagined. I have befriended a few of these marketing ploys myself, such as Borat, 24, Rescue Me, Bob Dylan and Sting. Of course, it also gives musicians who are a lot less well known that Dylan or Sting a place to promote their music, for example my good friend Julie Michelsen. Even Johnny Depp’s myspace page is full of promo stuff, pictures, film clips, all great stuff in my opinion and I like nothing better than to see Johnny face looking at me from among my myspace friends. I do have to say that I was horrified to learn that Johnny collects pictures of clowns, as I feel the same way about those as Noory does.

All the promo stuff I can handle, but what I cannot handle are many of the “pimped out” myspace pages. If you have seen one, you know what I mean. They have these horrible backgrounds that often have things like pulsing hearts, everything on the page seems to be glittering, sparkling or moving, making anything they might have written there impossible to read. Then normally there is also blasting music, this music almost always sucks and it is impossible to find where to turn it off with all the glittering and sparkling stuff on the page. Landing on one of these myspace pages is like being assaulted by a troop of escaped, crack whore, circus monkeys who have been rolled in glitter and are wearing way too much lipstick. You want to yell at them to clean up, but they are monkeys on crack, so you can only run and hope that the circus eventually finds them and picks them up.

So there you have it, my impressions of myspace after the first few weeks. I am sure I could have led a happy life without ever getting a myspace page and it hasn’t brought any noticeable amount of hits to my blog or website. Still, I have met a few new friends who are c2c listeners and interested in the same things I am and that is always good. Myspace is just like the rest of the internet, full of commercialism and irritations of all sorts, but there is also the chance to meet a few new friends and have a little fun.

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