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Blog Around the Clock 2006 Edition

Last year I did an article for Grey Matters about c2c guests who have blogs. That was prompted by Richard C. HoaglandĎs, then new blog, The Captainís Blog. The Captainís Blog has come and gone. I believe that blog started in August of '05 and RCHís last post was in October of '05. I have no clue why he stopped blogging, it was a very popular blog that received thousands of comments and strangely enough most of them were positive and nice.

Since the time of the last article I have discovered a few more c2c guest blogs.

Michael Tsarion has a blog - http://mtsar.blogspot.com. No catchy name, just Michael Tsarionís Weblog. It has the most strange set up of any blog I have come across, being almost more like a website, but you can still leave comments. Tsarion gets tons of comments and although he doesnít respond to all of them he does reply at times and has interaction with those interested in what he is writing about.

The next blog is Aaron Russoís Freedom to Fascism. I only found this blog because they were nice enough to link to my blog and my review in c2c rewind of Russoís appearance on c2c. This blog has some interesting news items along with lots of stuff about Russo and his film Freedom to Fascism. Not much interaction though, you can comment, but it is unlikely you will get any reply.

Just a couple week ago Greg Bishop started a blog Greg Bishop's Excluded Middle. Greg has some fun and interesting posts up like his diary of Paul Kimballís New Frontiers Symposium and books that have influenced his opinions on ufos. Greg does interact, answer questions and make comments and so far I have found his new blog entertaining. Even Gorightly pops in sometimes.

It feels like I am forgetting someone, but that is all I could come up with for c2c guests who I have discovered blogs for in the past year or so. I was sure when Hoagie started his last year that lots of other guests would see how popular it was and start their own, but apparently I was wrong. Not the first time for that.

Has blogging changed the face of the esoteric world? No. It has made it more accessible though. With RSS, I almost immediately know who has updated and what their opinions are on a number of subjects. It is election day, very early in the morning as I write this and just a little while ago I noticed Peter Levenda had updated with his opinion on voting. Do I need to know his opinion on that? No, but it makes him more like a 3 dimensional person instead of just some guy I have heard on c2c and Dreamland. Besides that, as normal I pretty much agree with Peter. Would I like him less if I didnít almost always agree with him? I suppose it is possible that I would like him less as a person, but it wouldnít change my opinion of his interesting work.

Really I think that is why I like c2c guests to have blogs, because I get more of a feel of them as a person. Otherwise they just seem programmed to answer George Nooryís questions, almost more like a robot than a person. It isnít their fault, that is just how it is.

Now I will put forth my challenge to other c2c guests and the hosts to get blogs! There is nothing to be afraid of. Next year at this time I had better have more than 3 c2c guests or hosts with new blogs or I will be really irritated!

Next week, unless there is some c2c related story that I canít resist, I will be delving into a subject I have ignored until recently, myspace. Is myspace the root of all evil or is it the new way for people to spread their esoteric knowledge and beliefs? We will try to figure it all out.

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