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Grey Matter


CNN goes UFO

As I begin writing this now, it is early morning Nov 8th. Until yesterday, the Larry King UFO Show was scheduled for tonight, but for some reason it has been bumped to Friday. That doesn't allow me as much time to write about it as I would like. Anyhow, I will get to what went on with that after it has aired and later in this GM.

Right now, I am listening to Noory's Wednesday night UFO Special. I think Noory is trying to scoop Larry King because rumor has it that many of these guests will also be on Larry King on Friday night. By the time they get done doing all these show I am wondering what will be left to say at that press conference on the 12th. I do like Leslie Kean though, she is pretty awesome winning a case against NASA for information on Kecksburg.

I don't know what to expect from the Larry King Show, but I have a feeling it will end up being the same stuff I have been hearing on c2c and elsewhere all week. I don't expect any real surprises and the best I can hope for is that Michael Shermer will not be one of the guests.


Alrighty, I watched Larry King and I was somewhat pleasantly surprised. The super skeptic was not Shermer and although there was one, he didn't show up until the second half of the show. Other than the skeptic I could have done without Shirley MacLaine. I have nothing against Shirley, but there are a lot of people far more knowledgeable about UFOs than she is. She was invited merely because she is famous and for the most part she didn't really fit in with the show theme or the other guests.

It was a lot like a replay of c2c last Wednesday, minus Leslie Kean. Although I partly gauged it by my SO, Britton. I often do that because I pretty much know everything that is ever talked about on any UFO show, so it is hard for me to judge whether it was a good show or not. That was especially true with this show as it was mostly about the Rendlesham Forest incidents, my very favorite UFO case. It isn't fair to judge by my own standards because I am sure 99% of people know next to nothing about UFOs. Britton really liked it though. He found it convincing and found the skeptic as annoying as I did. So I think the show must have been effective in getting the point across that there really is something out there, or up there.

Now onto the skeptic, James McGaha. I had never heard of McGaha before, but then again I really pay almost no attention to the super skeptics. It is one thing to tell a person who just saw lights in the sky that he may have been seeing a lighthouse in the distance (really that doesn't even make sense if the lights are moving, but ya know what I mean). But to tell a military witness, who walked around an object taking notes for 45 minutes and even touched the object before it shot up into the sky, that they were somehow mistaken about what they saw and what happened is completely idiotic and really takes a lot of fucking nerve.

It seemed that even Larry King found McGaha ridiculous. He didn't even have a good reason for why this person was mistaken about what went on in those 45 minutes. I think the thing I hate about skeptics (really this guy was more of a debunker) is that I can at least admit that many UFO events may have explanations that have absolutely nothing to do with ET's or anything paranormal, but they will not even give a slight possibility of chance that there is something that doesn't fit into the realm of what we know. In a sense, they are saying the human mind now knows everything, there is nothing new to learn. It is really a pathetic attitude to have.

I think I have watched every UFO related show that Larry King has ever done and I would say this was probably the best one. To those who pay close attention to the subject of UFOs, it is stuff we have heard before, but to everyone else I think it is probably really fascinating. For those who missed it, you can find a transcript at CNN.com and also there is video posted various places on the web that you can find with a quick google.

Now I wait to see if anything comes from the press conference on Monday. If anything does come from that you will probably hear all about it from me in next weeks GM.

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